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Leo Jaymz Single cut curved top GROVER machine heads Electric guitar full size with flag sticker design with high gloss color, include soft bag and extra Jaymz Light String set with Colorful Ball End


Set-in neck, hard maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, basswood body with 5 layers ABS binding, radian of the top, stainless steel strings, fixed bridge. Black lacquer background with AMAZING sticker design surface. 2 Volume & 2 Tone, 3 way switch. Fixed bridge system.

Product Features

  • Perfect single cut design, curved surface that with Amaaaazing US flag design.
  • With the wonderful sound heavy pickups on solid mahogany body that cavity inside.
  • Color ball end super light Jaymz strings in high quality that have installed and extra set as spare parts.
  • Original GROVER machine heads tuning more and more stable intonation.
  • Smooth rosewood fingerboard on comfortable C shape neck, thin and straight.

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Anonymous says:

Shipping Ruined My Purchase! I just recieved this guitar (01/03/2018) and kudos to fast shipping. Unfortunately that is all the good that I can say about Amazon. It was shipped in a single guitar box (oem) and got damaged in shipping. Amazon’s shipping unit definitely does NOT know how to pack and ship guitars. The selector switch protruded through the box and got broken off. The stop-bar tail piece and bridge were actually damaged because the box had something heavy thrown on top of it and it bent the bridge out of…

Anonymous says:

Excellent quality guitar in every respect Excellent quality guitar in every respect. Finish is VERY nice. Decal looks clear coated, but may be in the decal. It is professionally applied. Neck is nice, and pearl inlays look great. I lowered the action a bit, but played nicely out of the box. Pick ups sound great. True 3 tone, and seperate volume control. Packing is the only complaint. Box had holes, but no damage. Should have better packing, or a second box for shipping. It did arrive in mint condition even with poor packing…

Anonymous says:

Worth Buying ?!?! I Think It’s Safe To say Im the only one who hasn’t had any packaging issues With This Product, Nothing Was Broken, or in any Way Damaged. Down Fromm the Finish And Overall look, This Guitar Was A beauty. I do agree That the Nut has been filed down Too much In All the Slot Creating a lot of Fret Buzzing, which I replaced the Nut entirely with a new On. The fixed bridge is Mounted Alittle long for the Appropriate scale, But Was able to lower my action really well and get the strings intimate to…

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