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Learn How to Play Guitar: Learn How to Play Guitar – A Beginner`s Guide! – Step by Step Guide to Blues Guitar and More


Learn How to Play Guitar

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You’re about to discover:

The basics of playing guitar

This section will teach you how to identify the different parts of the guitar so you can better understand what you will do down the road. The book will talk about each part of your guitar in a layman language. You will also learn how to hold your guitar so you can get the most out of this musical instrument in no time.

Structured regime

This section is all about following a structured regime that will allow you to play guitar fast. You will also learn about the right time to hold your guitar and play like crazy. Learning what to do in your first practice sessions is important, and this section will let you know about it right away.

Fingers position

This section will teach you about the proper use of your fingers. There is also a part where you will learn about the different chord shapes. Since learning about the cord shapes is always important, and you will learn about them here.

The cords

In this section, you will learn about cords. You will also learn about the proper use of your guitar`s strings. You will also know about vertical and horizontal string and how you can take advantage of them. This will allow you to get a better understanding of the things you can do with your guitar.

Amazing songs

Here you will get some amazing song titles that you can use to take your learning to a whole new level. These songs are easy to play with your guitar, and you will be able to do it in no time.

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