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Lazy – Deep Purple – Guitar Solos Cover


HotshotGTar says:

After years of watching YouTube vids ……1000’s of the them . This
remains one of if not my favorite ! It’s a great tune and I’ve never been a
big Deep Purple or Ritchie Blackmore fan . Clapton ; “Hideaway and Steppin’
Out” ; Hendrix ; “Poli Gap and Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)”; Nugent ;
“Hibernation” : Allman Brothers ;” Jessica and In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
“and Deep Purple ; “Lazy” . I’d rank” Lazy” with these in terms of (high)
importance for a guitarist to get down and have in the ole’ repertoire.
Wish I could do it as well as this guy : Excellent !

Hans Hansen says:

Pretty smooth

MrMalgin says:


tanaka eiji says:


Adam Jones says:

Marshall mini stack!!!

Dogboy1960 says:

WELL DONE!! ……… and I love the humor in placing the little battery
powered Mini-stack on the window sill for the visual. Though it does make
me wonder….. how many people are scoring e-bay, right now, in hope of
re-creating your sound with the little little amp? 

BBBri57 says:

Haha Ive watched this vid a few times now. Thank you, and very well done.
My favourite solo from a bunch of genius solos.
You look good playing it too bro!! 

gtamodman122 says:

ahahaha you really did it through that friggin ministack!ahahahah I love
this vid!

gus rizos says:

great.superb,bravo!!! make more blackmoore videos!

bassisent58 says:

Looks a bit like Ritchie too!

M. Bison says:

Damn that’s a hot lick, and handled like a champ. One more sub right here

Ian Slash says:

sounds great!

MountPik says:

very nice

chitarristasupremo says:


謝 明翰 says:

Marshall Ms-2…………… You Rock!!

2purplesky says:

Allez, je me la repasse juste pour le plaisir. Vraiment genial Flo

JrBlackmore says:

Super vidéo !!!

DogwithtwoBones says:


oleg4560 says:

What a lazy!!!

shady5757 says:

Very good performance … same to Blackmore!

Eir Apps says:

definitely the best i’ve seen on youtube!

Phil Capanelli says:

I just subscribed my friend good job!

zarijes says:

You are really fantastic…this is the most beautiful Blackmore of 70-es.
Cheers mate!

วายุ คำสิงห์ says:

Oh my god. OGC

lou hache says:


Armand Kyler says:

awesome! you sound almost like ritchie!

odessa171 says:

Респект !!!

OhevetHaim says:


mgalbu says:

Great stuff, congratulations!!

tinkertrain4334 says:

Now that’s dedication.

BlackPurpleFish says:

FANTASTIC!!!! Just like the master man in black, thoroughly enjoyed your

Norm Duguay says:

GREAT NATURAL TALENT!!! YOU ROCK! it’s unbelievable how many young
musicians are still inspired by 60’and 70′ rock music! what’s wrong whit
today’music? thanks!

RoccoFlamefart says:

That’s some bad hat!

Lorax says:

Excellent! Ritchie Blackmore looks a little different in this video.

stefk123 says:

You are so damn good!!! Much better than my cover

stew collins says:

NICE 1!!!!!

SheerHeartAttack21 says:

Great Sound !

DE LUXE says:


philippeioutioub says:

Very very nice cover good job. Where did you find the backing track ?

2purplesky says:

Absolument GENIAL Flo !!! Tu as tout pigé du maitre ! jusqu’au look ; )
1000 Thumbs up. Allez, tiens, je me refais ta video juste pour le plaisir.
A bientot Jean_luc ; )

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