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Laney Amps CUB All TUBE Series CUB 12R 15-Watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Amplifier

The CUB 12R has more roar, substantially bigger bites and a nifty trick up their sleeves! The CUB 12R has increased volume and full rich valve tone. Looking at the pre amp it’s clear it packs more into the amp than its smaller siblings. The output section of the CUB12R is based around a pair of EL84 tubes giving it a more scooped tone than it’s smaller counterparts. Think smooth rich overdrive with bags of gain. Now for the nifty trick – the CUB 12R features two input sockets one labelled 15 watts the other labelled

Product Features

  • 15 watts RMS, <1 watt RMS; 12" Celestion Driver; 15 Watt input, <1 Watt input
  • 3 x ECC83 Pre Amp tube; 2 x EL84 Output tube
  • Reverb, Tone, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble & Gain
  • FX Loop, Footswitch Socket
  • External Speaker Out

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Dennis M says:

True Brittish Tone Been playing since 1962 and this is among the few amps that really impressed me. And I’ve owned many and played nearly all in my time. So….The amp arrived with V1 tube cracked. This was due to the shipping people and not Amazon or Laney. The barbaian simply threw my amp over the gate and it landed so hard that the V1 tube broke! MORON!!! But I was a tech for decadeds and had spare tubes….Pulled the RUBY 12AX7 and inserted a Sovtek 12AX7 and I was in business. Now if the baboon…

Musician says:

Laney Cub12R Review I purchased the Laney Cub 12R after looking at all comparable Tube Amps in the same price range. For starters I have been playing guitar for 8 years, and have played numerous tube amps.The first thing to note is the price. After looking at the competition it was clear that the Cub 12r had a lot to offer for the price. Of course the Cub is not hand wired/made, but made in china. This is something you have to accept when you’re in this price range.Secondly the tone of…

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