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LAGRIMA Acoustic Guitar Beginners with Guitar Case, Strap, Tuner & Pick Steel Strings for Kids and Adults (30″ Yellow)


You will love this beautiful finished classical guitar to complete wonderful performance while sitting out on the porch and singing with your friends. 

It is the ultimate starter kit for the musician in you. 

Crafted with wood construction and steel strings that are easy to press and pluck for smaller fingers, and produce crisp distinct notes.

The delicate classical guitar will be surely given you a real pleasure to play.

Features: 30″ steel string classical guitar Specially engineered for growing guitarists Crafted with all wood construction with a smooth natural finish Carry bag & accessories included in the package Easy to storage and portable Perfect for ages 6+

Item specifics:

Condition: Brand-new Color: Brown Size:30″ Style: Modern Type: Guitar

Package Content:

1 x nylon case 1 x tuner 1 x picks 1 x strap 1 x set of strings

Product Features

  • GUITAR HEAD-Traditional hollow design, keep intonation more lasting, Steel string andnylon chord free can be switched,meet the requirements of beginners
  • INTONATION-Precision gears are easy to tune, fixed pitch, not easy to tune
  • STRING-Adopt Nylon, super strong tension, feel comfortable, deduce perfect timbre
  • GUITAR MUSIC CODE-Rugged, resonant and sensitive,the string will not break off when the string is tight
  • BACK SIDE PANEL-Uses the environmental protection paint,non-toxic tasteless, the bright lacquer surface

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Anonymous says:

Throw out the steel strings, put on a set of ball end nylon strings! This guitar comes with steel strings, but it’s a guitar designed for nylon strings. It requires a lot of tension to bring a steel string into tune and this guitar doesn’t have the structural integrity to handle that tension. When the steel strings are tuned they don’t stay tuned because the tension is warping the neck and box out of whack. This tension can pull the bridge off too (as reported in some reviews).Nylon strings require less tension.****SO, first thing you…

Anonymous says:

Ok for the price

Anonymous says:

Great guitar for beginners! Definitely recommend.

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