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Joyo JA-01 Mini Amplifier Guitar Amplifier with big sound


Considering the JOYO JA-01 Guitar Amp comes with 9V battery and headphones, offers two (2) different sounds and is portable with enough output to bring outside, go ahead and double-check the Amazon shopping cart invoice when you’re ready to check out!

You can’t get all this for 8 bucks, can you?

JA-01 is really the most feature-packed and tone-VOLUME-enable little amp on the market. Need we say more? Check the reviews… you’re getting this guitar amp at the best price you can find anywhere… we back all our products with full confidence, because we know that Audio companies like Joyo have done their research and deliver a product that exceeds the value of what the competition has to offer.

Enjoy rockers and rollers!

Product Features

  • No Frills; All Thrills (Are In the TONE)
  • Two gain stages: Lead Channel and Clean
  • Volume is impressive (small speaker) BIG output!
  • Quality components ¼ plug and switches
  • Construction feels sturdy; only topped by features!

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Kevin says:

Great portable practice amp I bought this mini amp because I’m a college student without a car, and it’s not practical for me to carry around my actual amp wherever my guitar goes. Its functionality is great. It’s actually rather quiet if your guitar volume is set anywhere from 1-7 (perfect for if you’re in your room and don’t want to disturb anyone in the neighboring rooms), but it’s surprisingly loud if your guitar volume output is above 8 (there is a HUGE volume difference in the amp output when I turn the volume knob…

Tedward "Geek" says:

totally not bad I took a chance on this and am quite pleased.Okay, first, let’s say that the sound from the speaker is nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done. I think if it were angled up a little it would be easier for the player to hear. So, -1 star for weak speaker. (could be a big +1 for aggravated parent).3 position switch: off, regular and distortion. I love the distortion setting. Very Jimi Hendrix…Headphone jack. Bonus!!! That’s actually why I got…

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