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Jörg Fischer (ex Accept) – Amazing Guitar Solos


FireStorm says:

Good metal ^^

Adam Dąbrowski says:

of course, becouse his git souds like accept’s old sound :)

SimoMika1 says:

Wolf Hoffmann denies that Accept played any role in the “Animal House”
recordings …

SimoMika1 says:

? … and her solo recordings are … ? Who is she? And what is Jörg doing
these days?

MrVideoDetective says:

Amazing guitarist !!! Five stars !!

SilverTounge85 says:

Where is he now? In 2005 when Accept reunited with Udo for the 2004
festival tour, they tried to find him, but noone knew where he was/lived
anymore, so they got Herman Frank in, instead.

Shiraz Irfahan says:

Ich habe UDO live gesehen tol. weter so jörg super.

fr4nkh4mm3r says:

Damn! Udo should contact him to make him rejoin U.D.O!!!

mrkayuga says:

man, you forgot his main contribution: solo for Living for Tonite!

atlan4255 says:

Jörg wo immer du bist , gruss von Uli aus solingen!

MrVideoDetective says:

Jorg is living in the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA), and in 2002 he married his
girlfriend, the owner of several financial companies, as well as it relates
to music, and her solo recordings are … the last time Jorg appeared in
Germany in 2003.

Dimitar Todorov says:


MrVideoDetective says:

Lead guitar on the songs “Living for Tonite”, “Wrong is Right’, ‘Aiming
High’, “Another Second to be” and ‘Lay Down the Law”(performed by Accept on
UDO’s ‘Animal House’ album).

fortheloveoftunes says:

@SilverTounge85 One can only guess but maybe problems with alcohol etc?

Shiraz Irfahan says:

Ich habe UDO live gesehen tol. weter so jörg super

HairHawk72 says:

@mrkayuga You’re definitely right!!!!! And what an amazing solo!!! He just
needed one to jump into my personal top 10!! But when I heard what he did
with Billionaires Boys Club, he became my number one hands down!!! Keep it

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