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John Frusciante – TOP 10 solos

My personal TOP 10 best solos by John Frusciante. Great guitarist, fantastic man. Thanks for watching. Click to subscribe! 10. – 00:10 9. – 01:00 8. – 01:48 …

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steelyfanz675 says:


Kick Bam says:

I wanteed to wank but I clicked this video and I dont need to wank any
longer :D

Pablo SoaD says:

I don´t understand all those arguments. People, everybody is entitled to
his own opinion, and none of the opinions are “right” or “wrong”. It´s a
matter of taste. For me, Frusciante is along Clapton, Knopfler, Malakian
and Hendrix, the greatest. Even better than those. But that´s just my
opinion, and nobody else has to share it with me.

BigBad Bryant says:

He’s not the most technically sound and he doesn’t pander to the radio or
media like most big time rock guitarists but that is what puts him in a
different league in my opinion. There are very few that can encapsulate as
much different and complex layers of feeling in their live guitar playing
as guys like Hendrix and Frusciante. I’ll always regret not going to see
him live during the Stadium Arcadium tour when I was in high school.

plotonisradd says:

He was truly “the next hendrix” its kinda sad that Anthony kiedis destroys
everything that he touches.

jdmga1 says:

Chad is so underrated. He has to keep up with flea and John( Josh now) but
he is incredible. 

Tomas Garcia says:

Parallel universe at slane castle is fucking awesome. Is a perfect solo,
haves a lot of feeling and emotion, my faouvorite one… this solo makes me

nater1666 says:

personally can’t understand how great his guitar solos are. Just sound
dirty, wonky and repetitious
He seems to be playing repetitions with just simple techniques.
there are many amateurs who can play better solos on Youtube

Masuper97 says:

100 000 views! Thanks!!! And please remember – all Fru’s solos are
incredible. This is only my personal rank ;)

Bigsy Dover says:

The brilliance of Frusciante is largely caught up in the cult of
personality that he is. The guy has always had one foot on Earth and one
foot planted off somewhere else. That guitar playing, out of anyone else,
would probably be cringed at. So much of it sounds like a middle-schooler
screwing around on his first Rogue guitar. I wouldn’t say that John is
much of a solo virtuoso but the melodies behind his songwriting are
absolutely ethereal. I’ve never been a big RHCP fan. I like them even
less when John isn’t on board… but Frusciante’s solo stuff is brilliant.
It’s Daniel Johnston with actual talent.

P.S. My wife wants to learn to play, so as an anniversary present, I
bought her a Fender Tele Standard and put in some custom pickups. I was
worried we’d never get more than a Texas twang out of it. But hearing how
he makes it scream has put my fears to rest.

Peter Sperandio says:

John Frusciante. So good not even a broken string during a solo stops him.

Robert Bush says:

I get why John has a lot of fans. He was the lead guitarist for one of
Rocks groundbreaking bands and one of the best to come out of the 90″s the
Red Hot Chili Peppers, so he deserves the attention. He is an excellent
Rock Guitarist, however, there is nothing new or groundbreaking with his
playing. He does not have a distinct style or tone. And his technique is
just average for a professional guitarist. I have no problem with him
being in the category of excellent, but he is not Exceptional like Page,
Hendrix, Beck, Blackmore, Vai, Satriano, Nugent, SRV, May, Slash, Zach, JW,
RR, or even the Skynyrd Guitarists or Buck Dharma

Raymond Freemer says:

thank you for posting such an awesome display 

Marco Selo says:

you missed the short solo in the middle of Can’t Stop in the “Live in Hyde
Park” version. Is very short, but is pure adrenaline!!! Enjoy!!! Great Top

Ben F says:

Hey, in the background of 2 you can see Josh!!!

mark andersen says:

His string breaks at #9 and keeps going like a champ.

Les Kwan says:

Josh Klinghoffer at 9 mins!

James Martins says:


Luis Milla says:

i think he do better solos with long hair xD

Como si lo vieras! says:

minuto 3:00 alto folclore argentino se manda xD

Boris B says:

how many years are there between numbers 10 and 9?
I mean; I often wondered about those differences in appearance of certain
artists, when they, for instance *suddenly* have a huge beard, or, in this
case, John Frusciante’s hair. Bold on one occasion, long hair the next…
(but in this case it’s probably the other way around, right? I mean; *that*
can be done in 5 minutes) 

Bealotcoolerifudid says:

I love #2, the final jam at chorzow. Wow!! John’s amazing!!!

Seq Music says:

My favourite solo is Scar Tissue from La Cigale

Jacob L says:

Jimi Hendrix is God and John Frusciante is Jesus

Teodor Costin Fita says:

i just don’t get all the frusciante-hendrix references, hendrix was a trend
setter, a creator, a really inteligent musician, but frusciante just
aquired his style and “feel” if you could say so…but they are not at all
the same, frusciante just found inspiration in hendrix, nothing more…also
frusciante has a really sloppy style of playing…lots of subtle
mistakes…i honestly hate that..

Ben Foy says:

For all of you criticising him. Come back when you have had a career as
successful as he has. I listen to all sorts of guitar players. Vai. Satch.
Guthrie govan. Yngwie. Paul Gilbert. However frusciante is still my
favourite. Yeah he is technically average but he puts raw emotion in his
playing. If you don’t like it don’t comment simple. John has influenced me
and hundreds if not thousands of people to pick up guitar and that can’t be
a bad thing. If you lot spent as much time devoting yourself to your music
and doing something with it rather than slagging off career musicians on
you tube, you may get somewhere. Dickheads

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