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Jetec 41 Pieces Guitar Strings Changing Kit Guitar Tool Kit Guitar Picks Capo Pins 3 in 1 Guitar String Winder Cutter and Bridge Pin Puller


26 Pieces guitar strings changing kit guitar tool kit guitar picks capo pins 3 in 1 guitar string winder cutter and bridge pin puller

Guitar tool kit:
Package include 3 sets of guitar strings,12 pieces guitar pins,9 pieces guitar picks,1 piece guitar capo and 1 piece 3 in 1 guitar string winder cutter and pin puller,very nice tool kit,suitable for most guitar beginners.

Good quality:
All of them with very good quality,durable and cost effective

Good combination:
They are nice combination for guitar starter, help to changing string much easier and sonner, those guitar tools can make you get more skills, more confidence and more charm.

Material: ABS, stainless steel
Color: white, black, yellow, red, multicolor

Package includes:
1 x Guitar capo
1 x 3 in 1 guitar string winder cutter and pin puller
9 x Guitar picks
12 x Guitar pins
3 x Guitar strings

Product Features

  • 3 sets of guitar strings: each package include 3 sets of guitar strings, one set of multicolor, one set of red, one set of yellow, each set contains 6 strings: 0.2 mm/ 0.007 inch, 0.3 mm/ 0.01 inch, 0.6 mm/ 0.02 inch, 0.7 mm/ 0.027 inch, 1 mm/ 0.039 inch, 1.2 mm/ 0.047 inch, can meet all your requirements
  • 3 in 1 guitar string winder cutter and pin puller: made of good quality ABS and stainless steel, it has 3 functions,string winder,string cutter,bridge pin puller,nice guitar repair tool,suitable for all guitars
  • Guitar capo: it is a nice accessory for guitar, good quality and durable, very fast to change between frets; silicone pad is stable, will protect your instrument against damage, don’t worry scratching your guitar, suitable for most guitars
  • Guitar pins: include 12 pieces guitar pins, 6 pieces white, 6 pieces black, made of ABS, fit snugly and securely, easy to force down by hand when necessary, provide better vibrational transfer through the bridge, good for most acoustic guitar
  • Guitar Picks: each package come with 9 guitar picks, with beautiful color, thickness is 0.96 mm, very durable, can be applied many times, affordable for most guitar owners

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Christina says:

Very Helpful

Anonymous says:

I take some responsibility for my error. However, the product description did me no favors. I was unaware that there are different sizes of bridge pins for different guitar manufacturers. The product description made no mention of the bridge pin size included in this package. Had it mentioned the size, it would’ve sent up a red flag and I would’ve researched my particular needs more thoroughly. As it turns out, the one item that I really needed out of this kit, a replacement bridge pin, was of…

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