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Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2: Legendary Folk Duos Special – Part 1 (2014.11.22)

Guest: Boohwal, The Scenery Seen On Bicycle, Wax, Wheesung&Tae wan, Park Kiyoung, Moon Myungjin, Ali, Son Seungyeon, Son Hoyoung, Cho Jungchi&Jang Jane&Eddy…

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YoonaTaecyeon says:

Came because I thought it would be Eunji’s ep :(

fml3131 says:

Park Kiyoung’s performance was just awesome! I love how the song was remade
n that she sang it really well with a spanish feel to it! Her extremely
high note at the end of her song blew be away!! Ben too was great… Cant
wait for the next episode…. ALI ALI ALI!!!!! :)

YOLOetc says:

Dear Moon Myung Jin Ssi,

It’s official. I caught feelings. HARD.

Your future fan club prez,

Ginnmoon says:

If only Roy Kim was in this episode… This special really suits him.

MizSabine says:

oh my god… how have i not heard of acoustic blanc before… :O

Fida Freez says:

Congrats Ben unnie! :D

Lovey Dovey says:

Oh that Son Seungyeon is “da bomb” I love listening 2 her voice…Park
Kiyoung “thumbs up” 4 her performance! My Moon Myungin he’s always my
“STAR” & Ben her voice is clear N smooth (like Son Seungyeon “powerful
voices”)……………Waiting 2 hear WAX, Wheesung & Ali next week! I
love this show! gamsahabnida

VolumePerfection says:

Didnt feel myunjin I knew Ben would win. Wheesungs face lol

sandra4408 says:

The first intro song is from love rain <3 i love immortal song^^ every
artist is just so amazing

Peter Lee says:

When is Eunji going to be on ?

Just me,Noona says:

First time hear fromSeen on bycicle I like their performance, Moon Myungjin
aI like hsi style a lot so ad this time cannot win but I enjoy it him, Ben
like one of the guest said she’s like a little fairy but with a powerful
voice that’s why she win today ls,let’s see the next week :D

michy says:

I actually liked MMJ ‘ S performance. He was true to himself and had fun. 

Bea Hope says:

Flamenco, not flamingo :D still, an awesome perf :)

Adhi O. says:

Flamingo? Isn’t it Flamenco?

Yeshelong says:

Moon M. Is up and coming…have loved all his performances great voice

arwa199657 says:

I loved moon myungjin performance soo much ♥.♥

Roselia Lua says:

As expected another awesome show. Moon myungjin was amazing and Ben’s
performance was flawless. I think i saw @seojian in the audience earlier in
the show too. I hope he gets another opportunity to showcase his killer
vocal skills. Cant wait for part 2!!Kbs world, kamsahamnida. <3

Ivy Tsang says:

ben’s performance was amazing but personally I preferred moonmyungjin’s
performance :P Love this programme coz it’s full of talented singers

Hoang Nguyen says:

MMJ’s performance is just simply incredible as always. A fact about his
renditions is that normally they’re a bit awkward, difficult to feel and
understand right in the 1st listening time but after a few times after
that, they become so tasteful and memorable (make you crave for more).
Like the after-taste of a good wine :D 

IzzzzMee says:

passionate flamingo hehehe XD

Richard Gamache says:

cold or no cold I thought E.Sang’s performance was terrible … I got the
sense his father wasnt impressed with his folk/rap version of his song …
Ben ,,, amazing !! I hope this episode brings you your first trophy ,,, The
Scenery Seen On Bicycle never seen or heard of them before but I am now a
fan !!

Dencio1898 says:

This great show makes me want to go and learn Korean. I hate that I have
to rely on subtitles. I feel like I’m missing a lot of the flavor.

Twinkle Chenlove says:

Fascinating singers love them… cant wait.also in next week ♥♥♥♥♥

Hally Jamaeil says:

59.05 truly, madly, deeply, I am foolishly completely In love with Moon
Myung Jin!!

shytokki says:

Ben’s performance was amazing!

yaya ismail says:

:) 2

sam ritchie says:

Moon Myungjin, oppa saranghaeyo!

Annie Hollister says:

It was said Apinks eunji was going to be on immortal songs this week I
guess it’s next week I’m disappointed but they were great as usual

baby kouru says:

#moonmyungjin the besssttt!!! Never better. <3 But #Ben was good too
thou. Favorite for Part 1 episodes! 

Lily Na says:

Ben performance was good, but I remember Sonya performed the same song last
year and I like her version better. #moonmyungjin awesome as always ♥♥♥♥

mi5h1 says:

roy kim should be in is ep..!!too bad.

aleiciela's domain says:

Another #moonmyungjin ep for me but still everyone is good.. enjoying
immortal song every saturday raw and eng sub!!!

barbcoil1 says:

I hope Moon Myung Jin stays for a few more episodes of Immortal Song! I
missed his performances!

xoxoxox65 says:

I miss Sanduel… hope he will be back soon :-)

Ghalia Ghalih says:

Omg Finley the song wedding cake I was looking for it everywhere. I heard
it in my secret hotel and I tried to find it so hard thank immortal song
you guys are the best

xLadyCremex says:

I love how immortal songs brings in modern without forgetting the past

Lilla Varga says:

passionate flamingo :D

Jinelle0212 says:

Flamingo x’D

iitu2 says:

I feel a bit embarrassed for the translator. Flamingo is a bird, flamenco
is the music and dance style.

Epik Cake says:


B TT says:

Thanks for inviting The Scenery seen on Bicycle! Their song frm THE CLASSIC
is truly classic!

YOLOetc says:

By the way, is the guest on the far right Paul Dano’s K-Dad?

Mazwan Mazlan says:

Can somebody tell me how old is Ben really? Starting to be a fan, a cute
singer with powerful voice… wow, she is really something. Another singer
I’m starting to like is Bada.

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