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Ibanez Talman TMB100 MGR 2015 Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar


Reflecting a classic Ibanez body style, the Talman Bass Series sports a cool retro look with a sound that will inspire players of all ages. The TMB100 gets back to basics and delivers a one-two punch by combining a passive P/J pickup configuration with a retro Ibanez body design for a bass that delivers in looks and sound. Electronics consist of an Ibanez DXP neck pickup and a DXJ bridge pickup for that rich, vintage sound and a Custom 2-band active EQ for increased tonal options.

Product Features

  • Wide, Chunky maple neck
  • Classic Ibanez Body style
  • Dynamix P & J pickups
  • Ibanez custom 2-band EQ offers a variety of tonal options

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Anonymous says:

it rocks, great bargain I got the talman tmb100 in tfb in the mail yesterday… It was set up nice and intonation was perfect.. I raised the action by taking out the truss just an 1/8 of a turn and wow this thing rocks… the pickups are a little weak. mainly the jazz pickup it has lower output than the P pickup but works well in the blend middle setting I did a sound test video… the body is a three piece mahogany and looks good with the grain all going the same way in…

Anonymous says:

Wish I could give more stars I read a few negative things about the setup of this bass, and either they were unlucky or the seller stepped up their game. This thing came out of the box already tuned and the bridge setup was super low and crunchy just how I like. The neck has a nice satin finish so it’s easy to slide up and down as you please. Fairly wide neck, but not too wide. It’s comfortable and i have medium sized hands. The action feels pretty good too. If your bass doesn’t come set up as good as mine, don’t get…

Anonymous says:

Big sound !!

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