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Ibanez MB300C Electric Bass Guitar Hard-shell Case


Ibanez guitar cases are ideal for players who want to transport their precious gear safely with road-tough protection, but also require a lighter case. The rugged shell of the MB300C protects the bass from dents, scratches, dust and water. Inside, the MB300C features a bass guitar body mold and neck support to cradle the bass snugly and securely. The interior storage compartment can accommodate straps, cables, extra strings and other necessities. Finally, for ultimate security, lock the case up while flying or travelling with its TSA-approved lock.

Intended Type : Electric Bass for SR, SRH(except SRSC, SRC, Left-handed models)
Handles/Straps : 1 x Handle
Pockets : 3
Exterior Length : 47.64″
Exterior Width : 15.36″
Exterior Depth : 5.32″
Interior Total Length : 45.08″
Interior Lower Bout Length : 16.54″
Interior Middle Bout Length : -
Interior Upper Bout Length : 8.67″
Interior Lower Bout Width : 13″
Interior Middle Bout Width : 2.17″
Interior Upper Bout Width : 5.91″
Interior Lower Bout Depth : 1.58″
Interior Middle Bout Depth : 0.4″
Interior Upper Bout Depth : 1.58″
Net Weight : 12.11lbs.

Product Features

  • High quality ABS material to securely protect your instrument
  • TSA latches for increased security while Flying or traveling
  • Soft hair Leather firmly hold your instrument

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NomDePlume says:

An (almost) perfect fit for my SR505 bass Excellent case — expensive (I paid $160 + sales tax), but worth every penny. The bass fits snugly into the molded cutout, except for the strap button (see below). The push-down latches are easy and quick to use — a huge improvement over standard latches.The blue-plush case in the first picture is NOT this case — it only has three latches. The second picture, red plush with four latches, is the MB-300C (both the shipping box and the tag on the case confirmed this).I…

Anonymous says:

Really solid case, nice interior, perfect fit, fairly light weight.I like the locks quite a bit, but unfortunately one was completely broken in transit (hole in the shipping box, completely broken corner on the lock)Not the fault of the case, although I have to think a metal lock wouldn’t have broken like this did.If the vendor / manufacturer reads this, I’d love to get a replacement lock. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of shipping the entire case…

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