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Ibanez GRGM21M GRG miKro Series Electric Guitar Metallic Purple


No toy by any stretch of the imagination, the Ibanez miKro is conforms to the same high standards as all of the GIO series guitars. The GRGM21M features the same high-output Powersound pickups, the same construction, same materials, same set-up and same inspection. In fact, the only difference is its shorter 22.2-inch scale neck, something that makes it perfect for tour buses, songwriting, running scales while downloading and, of course, for young rockers and beginners.

Product Features

  • Poplar body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
  • Short scale w/24 medium frets. Sharkteeth inlays.
  • Black pickguard, fixed bridge, die cast tuners.
  • 2 PSND1 humbucker pickups. Volume/Tone knobs.
  • Case not included.

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Devon D. says:

Fun loving gitfiddle! Great guitar , be sure to stretch the strings or you will have to fight keeping it in tune. Pickups are treble-ly but high output, a little too over the top gonna replace with something more jazzy and clean. I got it for studying guitar again and for the price I can’t complain. The shorter scale is great to getting the old left hand stretched out for some holdsworth practice. A bit harder for comping but runs are easy. If u are curious check one out before u buy because the scale needs to be…

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