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How To Play Rhythm Guitar – Rhythm Guitar Lesson #1

FREE Series: Major Scale Masterclass – Learn songs, write music, and play lead guitar – . This is the first video in the …

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IronOrePickaxe says:

Were you ill at the time of filming this?

Kbsmoke says:

Wow… I can’t thank you enogh.. I have inproved so much!!! Thanks again!

Dat Schnowmannequin says:

I can’t thank you enough for such a huge amount of free, quality content! 

winner gaming says:

Would this be a good start after ive completed your lead guitar series?
Thank you so much. Your an amazing resource. btw any suggestions on a good
hollow body electric guitar for a beginner such as myself? If not its no
big deal. :)

Ivan Križanić says:

I just want to say THANK YOU SIR, just stay active I got subscribe ;)

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