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how to play “Hotel California” by The Eagles – guitar solo performance

Facebook: Here’s a link to part 1 of the lesson: Here’s a link…

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Shutup & Play - Guitar Tutorials says:
Doug F says:

You’re a good guitar player man. You nail the feel of all of these songs
well. Thanks for the videos.

westfield90 says:


charvelstrat81 says:

I just thought of something comical! Don and joe cant play it this good
anymore! LOL
Love the way you nailed the ghost bend @1:05 with vibrato added while it is
lowering in pitch! 

mikrobluess says:

I do believe this is the best youtube performance of this i have seen

tweed guitar says:

Beautifully executed performance and production. I love being able to see
both parts performed simultaneously, thank you.

fprintf says:

I’m gonna keep watching this and the Boston vids over and over again.
Amazingly skilled, exactly on, note for note. Thanks for sharing!

charvelstrat81 says:

Dead on balls accurate! GREAT JOB! i have been playing for 35 years and
cannot play it this good!
Even the tone was perfect!

Bud Wiser says:


jayeshdevofficial says:


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