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How To Play Guitar – Guitar Lessons for Beginners

How to Play Guitar. A brief overview lesson for beginner guitar players that will teach you the absolute basics. Learn more with free extended lessons on eac…

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Free Guitar Videos says:

Our How to Play #Guitar lesson for beginners just hit 200,000 views on
Youtube. It’s a quick overview video that leads you to more detailed
instruction on each topic. How To Play Guitar

Selyx9k says:

the first guitar lesson i had taught me how to memorize like this :eddy ate
dynamite, good bye eddy”

Arianne Lee says:

This is really helpfull

Epixelle says:

Incredibly useful for someone who’a never picked up a guitar in their life!

jemili2285 says:

This is two hard please make this easier

Ender Crystal says:

im…. sticking with a piano.

Hazel Star says:

what happens if the note is in between the two lines what happens then?

laurens life says:

you don’t need a strummer when u have a thumb nail that long

Andrew Prince says:

every boy?? i cant get this?

Marie Y. Nicolas says:

I’m learning how to play guitar my name is Erica this man is showing me how
to play guitar it is so fun I’m happy God gave me a guitar to play with and
this man name ring games buy me a guitar

Anna kubicke says:

I have a question, When it’s G chord, do you strum the tabs or play the

Kate Miller - Jones says:

Thanks this helped me a lot cause I’m 7 years old

Myrthe Vanloffelt says:

when i try to play a chord, it doesn’t matter how hard or how soft i press
the string, it doesn’t make any noise D: it’s frustrating

santajia sandford says:

I hope this video helps cuz i just got a blue guitar for xmas btw merry

Lewis Ross says:

You dont really need to have the pointy end of the pick pointing towards
the strings. Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the best ever guitar players place
with the blunt end, gives a fatter tone :D

Free Guitar Videos says:

Learn the absolute basics of playing the guitar. How To Play Guitar

IcyBluePenguin93 says:

I can’t wait to learn I’m gonna watch this video later on coz its 3:35 a.m.
right now

Manish Nampurkar says:

App bohot accha kar rahe ho. Keep it up….



Volionia says:

this helped so much :D thank you

Joan Kae says:

My fingers are bleeding!!!

Anahi Sanchez says:

Thank you very much, sir. I actually took some notes and i kinda get the

Trophe Radwood says:

Thank you! This is really helpful, clear and it’s the best instructional
video I’ve seen so far to learn playing guitar! :)

Chanteliscool says:

Cut ur nails man :l

Morgan Gaddis says:

Wow that helped alot says:

When learning how to play guitar, and in all practice sessions, you need to
be as relaxed as possible at all times.Unnecessary tension anywhere in the
body when playing will stop you like a brick wall.

MisterBrightside says:

oh ew cut your nails 

Gfgfgfgf Blobgirl says:

Finally i know the first part of playing the guitar haha

zororosario says:

Thank you Peter,this is one of the best teaching videos for learning
beginner/basics for guitar.

Richard F. Stripe says:

But like… If I hold it sideways then I can’t see the strings unless I
crane my neck really far…

Mimo Hossain says:

I learned so munch thank you 

princess lemoncito says:

Hi I really love the way to teach. Your english is really clear, but
playing guitar is hard….My hands ache. OUCH… >___< BUT I’ll do y best to learn….

Josielle Abdilla says:

i can’t understamd`THE TABS AND SCALES PLS REPLY

Hency Calice II says:

thank you this was a HUGE help

Suchita Barla says:

Thank u i really love playing guitar
i need to learn it.

monta parlor says:

Thanks man this really helped me out

Stevi Starfyre says:

This is helpful thanks

Niamh Forshaw says:

You’re so helpful :)

Ryan Taysom says:


Mahir Saggar says:

thanks! really helpful

Martha Yeah says:

i like it

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