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How To Play Bass for SUPER Beginners

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JTelli786 says:

one of my main problems is the one finger per fret…now im still a noob
when it comes to bass, but i cant seem to stretch my pinkie finger for the
4th fret without dislocating it first (sarcasm btw), any advice??? any at
all would be appreciated!

Ian Masters says:

Hello, im looking to learn how to play bass, what is better to learn on, a
Precision bass, or a jazz. Thanks :)

ryanino98 says:

Josh, I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for 3 years and am pretty good at
it now. I play some bass riffs on it too sometimes but now I want to pick
up bass as I have been always fascinated with the instrument. How difficult
would be for me to make that transition?Thank you.

Smasanime says:

Josh, I am left handed, the first time I picked up a bass guitar I was 15
(26 now) and it was for a right handed person. I was doing ok, but due to
certain things I had to stop. I want to start again from scratch, but I
don’t know if I should try to get a left handed bass or re-start with a
right handed bass. What would you recommend? also, what would be a good
bass for me to start with? my prior one was a fender, but I don’t know if
to go with the same brand. Thanks in advance.

Pandas DontLikeTurtles says:

I want to learn but I don’t know what to get to start with. any
suggestions? Should I buy a starter kit from amazon ?

LeAwkwardGirl G. says:

hey josh so im only 13 and i play drums but i really wanna play bass and
guitar too (starting with bass) and i was just wondering is there only one
type of bass or many types?

Lucid Reality says:

Extremely helpful man, art is about experiment with your imagination. Music
without imagination isn’t.

Paul LaD says:


I’m new. I want to use a plectrum.

I am not able to use my left pinkie on the fret board (old injury). It
just goes along for the ride. I figured that guitar would be more
problematic so I’m going to try the Bass.

Your thoughts on the matter

Thanks, Josh

McReffu says:

Are you supposed to press on the metal bars or between them?

Mae Raindrops says:

Im I too old if Im 22 and never touched a bass before? 

Luke Hodson says:

Hey Josh, my names Luke and ive really wanted to play bass for awhile now.
all my friends play 1 or more instruments and i want to learn bass. but i
dont have a good left/right hand coordination. how challenging would it be
to learn bass guitar. 

Jose Romulo Dilag says:

Is an Amp 100% necessary? 

Roshiela L says:

Wow, this is awesome. Amazing videos, Josh. :) I did the exploring and
learned basics from a friend who is only familiar with the guitar, but
until today I couldn’t see what else I could do with just exploring. Thanks
to your videos, I can see more potential I can do to practice bass more
often. Especially with someone who seems very familiar with the bass and
knows techniques to applying the skills. Very much appreciated. Wish I
could “show my support” :( But until I am able to, I know what channel to

O.G. BigHosMan says:

Thanks for taking the time to upload this tutorial video,Josh. I still
consider myself a beginner(especially after watching you!). I envy those
giant mits you got,bro!

Recently discovered the joy of the SHORT SCALE bass and think it fits my
body,playing style/ability and small hands (“lady hands”) much,much better.

While the 1-Finger-per-Fret rule is something I work hard to adhere
to,there are times that prolonged playing “up” on the neck(1st-4th fret)
make me sacrifice form for motion. Learned early on that we(especially
beginners) should NOT force/stretch to the point of marked
pain/discomfort….twill come back to haunt thee!

Thanks again!

TheArpomni2 says:

I realy enjoyed this , because your so sincere and honest , no ego thing ,
im nearly 50 and have dabbled now and then with the bass , and decided to
start again properly , just got a bass ive always wanted , a westone
thunder 1 , i love it because its small like me lol and ive got small hands
,, im glad i watched this video because years ago when i tried basses out
ih shops , the shopkeeper always said , oi use your thumb to play E string
, this ive always found hard , and just play with my fingers like you show
, so my minds at ease now , shopkeeper bully lol so thanx again for your
vid , ive subscribed and plan to learn more from you , you might like my
vids , old vintage synths etc ?

hayley kendal says:

I received a bass guitar for my 22nd birthday :D I’m excited to start
learning! i hope i havent left it too late to take up a new instrument! Ive
been playing the drums for a few years now but feel too conscious playing
on stage so im gonna try out the bass!

jamal Morris says:

I’m mad at you

102xxScorpionxx102 says:

8:12 more like… a BASS-ic idea!!! Ohohohoho… no one? :c

Daniel Alfoldi says:

is it OK/possible if I start to play the bass from 0 without any knowledge
about the guitar?

Pspisripoff says:

Thanks mate :)

ajh21313 says:

Josh, good video. I can play songs that I like by ear but have no idea what
key or the name of the notes I’m playing. What should I do to make the next
jump to know, I guess the structure in what I’m doing? Does that make
sense? Tony

Sandra Day says:

Hi Josh, I am brand new to bass, always wanted to learn. I am right handed;
however, I have always thought that playing bass/guitar would be easier for
me if the neck was on my right side – the frets seem harder than the
strumming/plucking – anyway I found an awesome Fender Jazz Lefty bass. Any
suggestions on how to get started?

Carn Marth says:

Love the “neurological adaptations”. If I had fingers as long as yours I’d
be a much better bassist.

LolItsJoshua says:

nice!but ur a showoff for yhe purpose of the offense

alberto martinez says:


mark davis says:

Thanks for the advice. Helped make playing more easy to approach. 

Dobbel dd says:

Thanks man! :)

Apothtolith says:

thanks for the tutorial buddy, i find it really helpful. YOU ROCK!

Ruben Aguilar says:

That Is an amazingly beautiful bass!

D. S. Cooper says:

54 used to be a drummer had to downsize so decided to go with bass
.. ?- is a drummer a bassist’s best friend and vice-versa…….

Rubina Schicker says:
alberto martinez says:

its so hard to pluck my fingers because it hurts

rmfcjr1 says:

This guy is the perfect teacher. Im starting so I can teach my 5 year
old-teaching the drums is simple for me, but the bass is brutal. 

gantswood says:

Hey guys, I am new to the guitar world. Do you bass players get a lot
calluses as the strings are metal as opposed to nylon strings on classical
guitars? I know two bass players who don’t have calluses and they have been
playing for years. I loathe calluses to be honest.

Deja Savage says:


Ashley Cushing says:

thanks this helped a lot

Hugo Bravo says:

Im 32, and I went out and bought my first bass guitar thanks to you and
this video. Wish me luck!

Will Ridley says:

Cool man!!! I just picked up the bass today 

iwasb0rntired says:

Very helpful video, thanks man! I wish I’d seen it before, because I’ve
been fooling around on my new bass (another small-handed beginner here) for
like three weeks and getting extremely frustrated with myself after barely
half an hour! But this makes me feel better and encourages me to
practicepracticepractice. x

Tyrion Stark says:

what bass is that? 

shelleyinthecity says:

One finger per fret is great if you are big guy like you with HUGE hands
but for a smaller girl with smallish hands forget it!

OfficialMophead says:

You’re a brilliant teacher, Josh, I’m so glad I picked up a bass after I
watched the video! 

tanjilur rahman says:

can you give the bass tutorial of fade to black by metalllica ?

Critstix Darkspear says:

Best bass tutor on youtube by far. 

CamperCreeper28 says:

HA! I get it. Bassic! Puns

nskperez says:

A good first bass amp?
I’d go with the fender rumble series
Try the 25 version, if not go with the 15(not good with playing with drums)

miskittt says:

I’ve been listening to the bass in so many songs for so many years so I
hope I can do this. Thanks for the post!

PunkRockAndRoll23 says:

This is ok, but Flea is way better!

Doug G says:

Dude ur dead u put me to sleep!!

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