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How To Buy Your First Electric Guitar

This video shows how to go about buying your first electric guitar and what should be some of the things to look out for. These videos are brought to you in …

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CJ99 W says:

1 thing to remember is don’t always be afraid of brands you don’t know just
as long as you can try before buy.


thank you very very match

Matthew Spicer says:

Ok here is a real tip craigs list e bay cant beat them craigs list 40 bucks
strat e bay 120.00 for a orange micro terror craigs list 4×12 charvel cab
for 100 bucks see shops dont want u to know this people .

LightningKillTV says:

i have the opportunity to buy a stagg s300 BK and a roland cube 20x in mint
condition for just 150 euro’s, i have an acoustic guitar and i’m pretty
good with a guitar and this would be my first electrical guitar, should i
buy it?

Mantovas Two Street Music says:

The internet can’t really do much for a beginner. Better to find a real
live expert at your local music store. 

717deathmetal says:

Yea this video is horse shit.

Damien7982l says:

like i didn’t know all this already….give me some real tips…jeez

will M says:

“ok heres the les paul 59 relic custom shop, and marshall jvm410h 1960a and
a kemper profiler”

jlarsena says:

Just buy a Fender Squire Strat package. Great first guitar with everything
you need (amp, wires, picks, DVD, etc. That’s what I bought for $300
canadian taxes in and I only need a simple action adjustment to the neck,
strings were too far from frets. I placed a pick inside the neck that
brought it up to a perfect height. I’m also going to replace the strings
though, always the cheapest strings on packages.

rugby103 says:

cheers guys ..reli useful..!!

SGTxDiabetes says:

Is his name actually Guy. That’s fuckin awesome.

movingpictures998 says:

but first i played a old used one that the store let me borrow

The Case says:

What does anybody think of the Epiphone SG G400 Pro (with coil tapping)?
Like the SG and the rest of the guitar but not sure about the hardware

guitardotcomvideos says:

Oddly enough – Squier is sold by Fender and originally, Squier’s were sold
as Fender Squiers – so technically – you are both right. Currently Squier
is the brand – still sold thru Fender.

Matthew Watson says:

what is the difference between: Strat, SG and Les paul?

Eric Hwang says:

@mikesomething well you dont want to spend on a $2,000 Gibson for a first
guitar and then end up not liking guitar.

xjonsantosx says:

I don’t agree with getting a very easy playing guitar for your first. Get
something you’ll struggle with, then get an easy guitar and it’ll feel so
awesome. but if you want an easy playing affordable guitar, all of you go
to rond music’s website. They have crazily affordable instruments. Forget
recognized brand names.

bezay jeboy says:

where do we can get are amplifier in malaysia at Sabah?????

Alpstarr50 says:

thats you. your a gui-RAT

Knight192 says:

i can’t play, should i still buy one?

TKB059 says:

easiest way 1)go to shop 2)see 3)buy

infernoofflames says:

@mikesomething not everyone wants to spend a ton of cash when they still
suck at guitar dude some people rather start witha cheap starter and work
there way up as they improve in skill

PimpleMaze says:

my first guitar was a steel string acoustical i found in the trash.
everything i got later plays awesome

DTDVMusicIndustries says:

thanks bro

jellofloww says:

Umm…. What did they mean by “set up”?

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