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Hotel California Acoustic w/ Lead

My brothers playing hotel California in acoustic guitars. My older brother (18) is doing the rhythm and my younger brother (13) is doing the lead. Forgive th…

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jaknicotine says:

your brothers are talented musicians you should feel very proud of them ^^

jaknicotine says:

no biggie i hope it all goes well for you :)

nuvyc says:

Yeah I am, I’m just not that vocal about it.. We actually have a band
consisting of my older bro on the drums, younger bro on lead, and me on
bass (though I don’t really have a permanent position since I just fill the
lacking, I switch from rhythm, bass, and rarely keyboard) . We performed
this just this last december (2008) on our grandma’s sister’s golden
anniversary. The video got corrupted so I’ll upload something else instead,
soon. =] Thanks for the comment! =]

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