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Help Kickstart Stones: a true-life Film of singer-songwriter Alexander McKay

Alexander McKay is an old College buddy of mine, he was a great shredder back in the early 90’s and went on to tour the world with a Metal band but the rock ‘n roll lifestyle unfortunately began to take it’s toll and years of alcohol abuse began to destroy his life. Thankfully Alex managed to turn his life around and started writing acoustic songs, singing and performing again. I never knew what a great voice he had, I just knew Alex as a guitarist but when he played me some demos a few years ago while visiting Sydney I was blown away. I really hope that Alex and the Donroy crew hit their Kickstarter target because I think this will be an interesting film with a strong message and of course filled with Alexander McKay music. Alex has never given up on his dream of making music for a living and I hope he has a long career ahead of him.

“It’s a love story that grows from the trenches of booze and desperation, with an original soundtrack written and produced by Alex, making it an experience to be seen and heard. Stones is a true story, a real story, and an opportunity to give a talented musician the chance to re-launch his career. Because we all deserve one last chance, don’t we?”

The film is being produced by Donroy Independent Films, Writer, producer Don Macnab-Stark and director, producer Roydon Turner joined forces in 2011 to form this unique independent film company.

Check out the video for the song Stones by Alexander McKay:

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