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Happy Tune 6 String Acoustic Guitar Toy for Kids with Vibrant Sounds and Tunable Strings (Cherry Sunburst)


Get ready to strum some guitar strings!

This cool guitar looks sharp and is fun to play. It produces vibrant sounds with 6 high quality strings. Each string has a different thickness to product different sounds. Tune the guitar by adjusting the knobs on the back. Guitar measures 23″ x 8″ x 2″. Includes a guitar pick too. This acoustic guitar makes a great gift for kids and is a great value for the money!

Product Features

  • Happy Tune guitar produces vibrant sounds
  • 6 high quality guitar strings each with different thicknesses
  • Guitar strings are tunable from the back
  • Guitar measures 23″ long
  • Includes guitar pick

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G. E. Porier says:

it is an attractive little guitar with nice finish and for its size the sound and tone … Bought this b/c of the tuneable strings but didn’t realize what a pain it would be!!. Thankfully it was shipped with the strings loose, the pegs are tightened with small screws, tuning pegs are on the back. To get the string in tune, hold the peg and tighten the screw so the peg doesn’t slip was a true work out for my hands and patience. On the plus side, it is an attractive little guitar with nice finish and for its size the sound and tone are quite nice. Happy we picked this one. I think…

pjf says:

This is perfect size for him and exactly what I expected for … 0

Wendy M says:

Not recommended for toddlers My 2.5 year old twins each received one of these guitars as a Christmas gift. The first one broke 2 days after Christmas and the second one broke a week later. Both broke in the same way- the head popped off the neck- with no apparent way to fix them. So while it was cute that they had realistic looking guitars like daddy, and you can tune the strings, the tuning doesn’t stay very long at all, and they are on the fragile side. I don’t recommend them for toddlers, who can be a little rough. Or…

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