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guy on the street playing guitar beautiful music – Stefan Joubert

When I first heard this, I really liked Stefan Joubert.

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miguel alvares says:

how can people dislike this ?, this is amazing

Isaiah Blunkall says:

its pure art.. not competition….. not show…. its just him wanting to
create…. wanting to explore music wanting to leave the guitar behind..
leave life and fly like an eagle above the earth… thats what hes doing..
its pure from the heart art..

Mason Vincent says:

Did you ever think your “approach’ was all wrong……

Эдуард Попов says:
Aylen Ivanna says:


Divyanshu Joshi says:


Anton Sivov says:

guy on the street playing guitar beautiful music – Stefan Joubert

María Igle says:
Luis Fernando Planella Gonzalez says:
Anatoliy Popov says:
Александр Палтышев says:
Maksym Ustymenko says:
Максим Киселев says:
Boris Vasilenko says:
lazaro camara says:
Marcus Songer says:
pavel bukanyov says:
Алексей Кучеренко says:
Joaquin Cuervo says:

it is Paul red smith Guitar

powder351 says:

somebody said it is a paul red smith guitar

Jerry Reff says:


Thomas Paradiso says:

Yep it’s defiantly a lot easier to play this way…that’s why you see so
many players doing it.

Sudin Vai says:

so funny man.

paulo domiquel says:

Wat an idiot who is more retard go to his channel on stefan joubert nd
check to the maestro noob dont troll kiddo ur ignorant ur in the world of

Aleksandar Spasojevic says:

He use echo effect. That is about all repetitions which are great and
everything in this performance.

BertieTheSpider says:

That was beautiful

Mike Ashton says:

or McCarty now that I think of it.

Ahiachebel says:

it seems like a PRS to me… can’t say the model but all PRS guitars are

Oli Prestes says:

Unbelievable! To believe, just watching!

PokemonGlitches123 says:

what i wanna know is how did he afford a PRS?

Kevin Grandahl says:

lot of tapping. (;

alexis mercado says:

so gifted :)

edavisdavis says:

I been playing harmonica 25 yrs and would have ran home and grabbed my
harps and joined in

Andres Tapia says:

unless it’s a knock off, it seems it’s a PRS SE. you can find at guitar
center for anywhere bet 400-500. not to discourage you, it takes years and
years of practice to get to play like that. not to mention having the
guitar set up in a different way you would normally “set up” a guitar. just

Cody Conrad says:

It looks like a Chinese PRS copy.

Lasha Japharidze says:

You’re not alone

Nano Ibanez says:


teejar12 says:

just need jack black to walk past and have a spontaneous jam

pleximars says:

why dont these style musicians just get a chapman stick, it was designed
for that style of playing. Awesome player, no doubt!

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