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Guitar Strap Button Holder for Acoustic – Black Genuine Leather with Strong Metal Fastener – Replaces Wimpy String Tie – StrapSnapper Fits Above Neck on Headstock – Compatible With Most Models and Straps – Prevent Costly Accidents – 100% Guarantee!


Are You Still Using a Shoelace to Hold Up Your Favorite Guitar?

Why Bother Getting Our Guitar Strap Holder?

- It replaces the worst part of a guitar strap, which is the cheap shoelace that attaches to your nice instrument.
- It provides a very inexpensive option to prevent accidental guitar drops and damage due to loose strap connections.
- It’s a more professional looking and secure attachment than a piece of string and it’s made of real leather that stretches and gives without any rigid feel.

Reasons for Using Our StrapSnapper for Your Acoustic Guitars

- Inner faux leather layer is softer to avoid making marks or scratches on guitar headstock.
- Maintains a traditional look and feel for guitar players who prefer a more classic style.
- StrapSnapper allows easier storage in guitar case when wanting to remove guitar strap on and off.

Benefits for Beginners, Kids and Anyone Learning How to Play

- Easy to use by sliding thin leather strap under guitar strings at the neck nut and then fastening the strong metal button into the slot hole on the guitar strap.
- Compatible with most acoustic guitars and eliminates the need to buy a strap button to screw into the guitar heel.
- Secure fit helps to learn how to perform standing up without worrying about dropping your guitar.

SPECIAL NOTE: Combine the StrapSnapper Guitar Strap Holder with our classic cotton guitar strap for the perfect pairing for acoustic guitar players.

***Keep Your Guitar Secure and Safe***

100% No Hassle Guarantee — No Risk — Amazon Assured

Free Shipping With Purchases Over $35 … Click the Add To Cart Button and Protect Your Guitar and Investment For Less Than $15

Product Features

  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING for non-Prime members if your order is over $35. Use the StrapSnapper for each of your acoustic guitars. A perfect guitar accessory for the guitar player in the family or friend … a great birthday surprise!
  • NO MORE BOOTLACE or string tie for attaching a good strap to your nice guitar … Why depend on a weak connection to protect your musical instrument from accidental drops and slips?
  • MADE OF REAL LEATHER that stretches enough to allow different playing styles and enhanced with a star-stamped metal button for a classic and clean look.
  • EASY TO USE by sliding under strings at the neck and snapping the metal button through the guitar strap button hole for a super secure fitting … Plus it helps to enhance your performance to play guitar standing up without worrying about any accidental drops.
  • 100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION with quality StrapSnake products that work and the responsive 24/7 support from Amazon for any customer concern.

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C. Blackburn "kindle newbie" says:

Loved it! This item I am sure will work with other models of acoustic guitars but I was not able to use it on my 2 guitars with slotted heads. They are Martins and the strings on the guitar are set very close to the finger board so the spot where the item would be inserted is too narrow for the item to fit. I like the idea of the strap button holder and was honestly feeling disappointed that I couldn’t use it on my guitars. It’s a great product though and if my guitars were designed with a little more…

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