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Guitar Lessons For Beginners | 8 Crucial Guitar Lessons To learn FAST

guitar lessons for beginners: Hey looking for a great guitar lessons? These 8 important guitar lessons for beginners are just a few of t…

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Yizzle says:

lol 18 is a lil later? i started when i was 30 :-s

Adedamola Festus says:

i so much like it. thank for your concerns for beginner like me. God bless

mega zen says:

you did mention about finger picking, how did you learn how to fingerpick
your first learned song? did you have a tab downloaded from the net or you
figure it out yourself? thanks. 

Learning Guitar says:

At he gentle age of 50 I will forget the fast and just do the possible

Sammy Bones says:

Great video. Thanks for posting. Remember, a guitar that is set up well is
easier to play and more fun to play. I have some videos to show how to set
up guitars if you are interested. Have a great day!

Kieran Collins says:


azuki says:

Excellent tips for a budding guitarist, thanks a lot.

Danica Lim says:

Are you Canadian?

Guitar Mastery says:

Don’t agree with the “too old” thing. We have many students quite ripped
and they enjoy learning some times even more than the younger. Maybe they
are too old to become a famous player in their 20s, but who cares?

skdemusic003 says:

Nice video, really helpful.
So far I have only really listened to electronic and classical music, so
where is the best place to start listening to guitar music?
I found an old acoustic guitar in my house, and would like to learn how to
play, but I don’t have any favourite guitar songs to play.

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to start?

Philipp O'connor says:
Brian Foley says:
Jennifer da says:

Hi! I never played guitar before and I really want to learn, but now I
don’t know what kind of guitar I should buy. I check on amazon and saw a
Pyle Pro PGCKT40 guitar to 71$. Is this a good guitar if I want to start to

DJ Colbalt says:

I’m 14 and I just got my first guitar today son thanks for the tips and the
link :)

Azazelus100 says:

Fuuck off son…im 27. Dont u dare to tell me im to old…xD

Fallen Gabs says:

we have good guy bryan here XD

Andre Bono Consuelo says:

Me too xD

arcy kiel says:

i need to learn…..

BitesHisTail says:

I’m 17, and i really wanna learn how to. But i need to buy a guitar first,
i have the money, but my fucking familly doesn’t support me and doesn’t
allow me to… What should i do? I feel like crap :/

Kristina G says:

Late at 18??? I’m learning and I’m 46! Just received a les paul epiphone
special ii

EnricoZulu says:

Thanks for the site and tips,how well do you play the guitar yourself?

Jonathan Larios says:

online tuner just tuned mine same that guy has in 5:00 hehe

yz8552 says:

Im 11 and I started when I was 8

Leonila Bustamante says:

I’m 60 years old and I’m just starting to learn to play guitar. It’s great
and am looking forward to learning my first song. Thanks for the tips.

Mina Gligoric says:

I agree on everything you said about teachers and the prices. thanks so
much for the site, you were very helpful. be seeing more of your videos
from now on :)

craziac93 says:

Thanks dude.

screaminbunny says:

Im ten and i suck

Das it mane. says:

15 early enough?

Yash Yadav says:

Get cheaper guitars(with ur own pocket money) n learn if ur families are
not letting u money to buy one! Guitars begin from $30… Though there are
less chances to luckly get a decent one… But still there are not that bad
(atleast for learning)!! Companies that I can suggest u are Givson(not
Gibson), Gb&a, Granada, Pluto… I have a Givson Crown 2007 ($48) n luckly
it sounds same as the guitars in these youtube tutorials! :3

Bryan Briggs says:

Awesome tips, beginners pay attention :)

crazeddog38 says:

do what makes u happy. guitar playing is awesome and a great way to meet
people. who doesnt love talking about music. just go for it.

Dakota Jennen says:

i thought there was a spider on my screen and had a mini heart
attack,thanks buddy.<3

robh0909 says:

Thanks for posting this it helped. I just started and bought Rocksmith for
PS3, after playing this for a few days im convinced anyone that plays the
guitar must be insane! lol JK… Frankly im completely lost. However thanks
to the power of the internet and youtube ill eventually figure it out.

gushers says:

a good place 2 get guitars is online or at guitar center if u live near 1

Shannel Franco says:

Great vid thanks for the advice

uhExpress says:

I’m 13, maybe a little bit later than I would have liked but I guess it’s
never to late to pursue a new interest!

FreeCorn96 says:

Learning how to play the guitar isn’t like learning math or something else
learning how to play the guitar takes time,passion and love for what you
are doing , you will feel it in your heart if you are ment for this or not
, or you will find out along the way , and you shouldn’t feel forced to
learn how to play you should feel it in your heart :) its more than
learning how to play the guitar it develops almost every positive side of
you .

Risperjade says:

thanks i wish my big bro could help me with this but he lives in a
different state so i have to fend for myself

Christopher Gomez says:

I’m 31… I hope it’s not too late.

Bleeckerrr says:

same.. ugh.

Kristina G says:

Late at 18??? I’m learning and I’m 46!

Talita Tobing says:

I am quite old, 32 years old but I really want to learn guitar :) thank you
for the tips :)

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