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Guitar: Fretboard Mastery – An In-Depth Guide to Playing Guitar with Ease, Including Note Memorization, Music Theory for Beginners, Chords, Scales and Technical Exercises (Guitar Mastery Book 2)


Unlock the Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard and Learn How to Massively Improve your Guitar Playing Skills with the Power of Understanding.

** This is an amazing 150+ page guitar learning book with images, diagrams and tabs. Multiple times Best Seller! Don’t miss out on an amazing value this book offers, get it today for only $2.99 **

Have you ever wanted to know:

How to quickly and easily memorize all notes on guitar fretboard and why is this so importantWhat is a key and how to easily switch keys on guitarThe ins and outs of the Major scale (the most important scale) and how to use it all over the guitar fretboardHow guitar chords are constructed and how to play a bunch of them just by knowing a few simple concepts of chord theoryHow music theory works on guitar and what is its practical applicationThe best ways to develop your technique and sense of timing using scalesHow to improvise and play jaw-dropping solos on guitar more easilyAll this and much, much more you will learn about in this book. The material covered is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level players.You’ll be amazed how much this simple knowledge will benefit your playing.

This step-by-guide book will give you all the information needed in order to really understand how guitar fretboard works, and how you can apply this understanding to playing music on guitar.

The book is divided into 5 parts

Part 1 is about the fast and smart ways to learn and memorize every note on an entire fretboard
Part 2 is about understanding the Major scale – the most important scale in Western music – almost all music that we hear today comes from this scale.
Part 3 is about mastering the technical aspects of playing a major scale on guitar and using it for soloing and improvisation.
Part 4 is all about the chords and understanding where they come from and how they’re constructed, so that you can find and play over 100 chords easily just by knowing a few simple concepts of chord construction.
Part 5 is about the intervals. You will learn all intervals that exist in music, why they’re important and how to play them on guitar.

Everything is explained in detail with images and tabs, and there is some bonus content as well.

This knowledge is essential for any guitar player. and that’s why this is a must have book for anyone who likes to play guitar!

Simply scroll back to the top and download this book now with one click.

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Mary Thibodeau says:

Great Book – stays exactly true to the title.

pat says:

If you are just starting to learn the guitar, you need to read this book!!!! I bought this book (kindle) for $2.99 at our favorite book store…Amazon. I have to admit at first I wasn’t expecting too much. This is probably the best beginner guitar book I have in my library. If you are just beginning you need to read this book. Nicholas is a guitar player and at the beginning of this book he tells the reader what you should learn on the guitar in a logical progression. His writing style is very easy and it is like he is talking directly to you. Excellent beginners…

alex says:

Excellent guitar mastery book! As a guitar player myself, I can say this is one of the best books on this topic I’ve ever read. Not only teaches A TON on information but the structure is really great. No complicated or fuzzy chapters, really clear. It cover finding notes throughout the fretboard,learning the major scale (super important for a guitar player) with its different shapes, putting them in practice, mastering the chords (not only the open ones or easy ones but other shapes on the fretboard) and much more…

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