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Guitar: For Beginners – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Guitar for Beginners, Master the Basics and Start Playing Guitar as Fast as Possible (Guitar Mastery Book 1)


Guitar for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide to Learning Guitar and Mastering Guitar Basics

Do you want to be able to play your favorite songs on guitar?Do you perhaps think that you’re not musical or lacking talent?Do you want to be able to play for your family and friends and/or perform in front of an audience?Do you want to become more creative and intelligent?Do you want to become a better version of yourself by learning to play guitar?Is your dream to learn to play guitar?If so, you’re at the right place.

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Learning guitar can be broken down into four stages

1. Learning about:
How guitars workHow to choose and buy the best first guitarEssential guitar accessoriesGuitar partsIdeal mindset for learning guitar and failing to quit!2. Learning the very basic music theory and how it applies on guitar, and practical aspects of getting started on guitar
Learning about the note circleGuitar tuning and where it comes fromNames of the open stringsHow to find notes on guitarHow to read tabs and chord boxesHow to hold a pick and correct body posture…3. Learning how to play the basic chords on guitar.
3 main types of chordsLearning the basic Major, Minor and Dominant chordsHow to play more advanced barre chordsHow to build up the necessary finger strength and finger stretching capabilities in order to play all these chordsHow to master the chord changes4. Developing your rhythm skills
Understanding the time signatureLearning how to strum a guitarPlaying chords with strumming patternsPlaying with a metronomeThis book covers all that and much more!

The book takes you step-by-step in a fun and easy to follow way, from beginning to mastering the basics on guitar and being able to play many songs. You will learn 17 basic chords that will get you started and keep you busy for awhile, and you’ll get some of the best exercises to build up your finger strength and work on your finger stretching abilities in order to be able to play guitar chords.

Learning guitar chords obviously isn’t enough. If you want to play songs you’ll have to learn how to strum them too and keep the rhythm going. That’s why the last stage is all about strumming and developing some of your rhythm skills. You will learn about the timing and how to keep the beat. This is the secret to really sounding good on guitar. Having amazing rhythm skills will make a difference from sounding mediocre to sounding like a professional guitar player.

Let’s start exploring the beauty of guitar together…

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Anonymous says:

A value packed beginner’s guide to learning guitar. This book was perfect for me. Coming from a piano background I thought it would be easy to just pick up playing guitar. Not so much. Reading this book has really helped me understand the basics – I’m already familiar with notes and chords but this book gives great guitar-specific techniques in starting out the right way. Really liked the chapter on choosing a good beginner guitar depending on your needs. And I didn’t even know there were left handed guitars, which would be nice for me. A lot…

Anonymous says:

Amazing Well Written Book As a guitar player myself for a few years, I can say I got a great and positive surprise from this book.I’ve read many books on this subject for years and all I found was poorly elaborated schemes, and a really basic information. Barely helpful for a beginner, What I like most is the personal style the author (a real guitar player) has given to the book. You can immediately feel if the author knows about the stuff or not… In this book, that’s not a problem as all the information…

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