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Guitar Chords Made Easy, Level 1 Basic Chords: Simple Steps to Get You Playing Guitar Chords Quickly (Volume 1)


Get the modern guitar method that will have you playing chords today!

Guitar Chords Made Easy is the ultimate guitar book for beginner and intermediate guitar players who want to learn chords quickly. Each lesson in this step-by-step guide offers clear explanations as well as plenty of exercises and practice songs that will get you strumming your guitar today!

What you’ll get:

Each lesson is designed to help you learn how to move from chord to chord as easily as possible (something every beginner guitar player struggles with). On top of that, you’ll be introduced to some of the most common strumming patterns used by professional guitarists.

What makes this book different from other chord books?

There are a lot of chord books out there, but they often teach you too many chords at once, making learning chords confusing or frustrating. This book keeps it simple so that you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

Additionally, most chord books and chord apps are simply reference guides. Though a reference guide is included, this guitar method book is designed to teach you how to play chords and learn the basics of accompaniment in a progressive, structured manner.

It’s also for intermediate players!

Even if you are familiar with many different chords, this book will help you hone your skills by giving you practice exercises that will help you learn these chords for life.

This is a great guide for electric and acoustic guitar players alike, and can be used alone or in conjunction with any other guitar method.

In this book, you’ll find:

A step-by-step guide on the fastest way to learn chordsDozens of the most commonly played guitar chordsHelp with learning how to move from chord to chord as easily as possibleOver 100 practice exercisesCommon strumming patternsExample songsAn overview of basic chord theoryAn introduction to barre chords and suspended chordsA quick reference chord chart

Plus, tips for:

TechniqueHow to read chord diagrams and chartsHow to tune your guitar And more!

This step-by-step approach will teach you how to play the most common guitar chords in a way that makes it easy to learn, allowing you to strum along with songs you love in no time!

Order your copy today!

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