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Girl’s Guitar Method Complete: Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Guitar!, Book & DVD (Sleeve)


By Trish Ciravolo. Everything a girl needs to know about playing guitar! Color photos and diagrams, see and hear all the chords, licks and songs performed on the DVD by renowed guitarist Janet Robin! Contents: Types of Guitars Acoustic Types of Guitars Electric A Short History of the Guitar Buying a Guitar Caring for Your Guitar Tuning Your Guitar Holding Your Guitar Getting Acquainted with Music Getting Acquainted with Tablature Chord Diagrams NOTES ON THE FIRST STRING E Sophia s Smile The Ballad of Nicole HOW TO COUNT TIME TIME SIGNATURES Playing Different Kinds of Notes and Time Signatures NOTES ON THE SECOND STRING B Beautiful Brown Eyes Daisy Rock Jingle Bells NOTES ON THE THIRD STRING G Au Clair de la Lune Three-String Rock Aura Lee Largo from the New World Symphony INTRODUCING CHORDS Meet the Chords THE THREE-STRING C CHORD Ode to Joy INTRODUCING THE QUARTER REST Cats n Kittens THE THREE-STRING G7 CHORD Down in the Valley THE THREE-STRING G CHORD Rockin with G and C NOTES ON THE FOURTH STRING D Reuben Reuben Old MacDonald Had a Farm Merry-Go-Round Daisy Bell THE FOUR-STRING G & G7 CHORDS Rockin the Chimes Laughing Hannah NOTES ON THE FIFTH STRING A Rock On! INTRODUCING HIGH A Pink Fuzzy Slippers INCOMPLETE MEASURES A-Tisket, A-Tasket NOTES ON THE SIXTH STRING E The Natural Scale Silver Threads Among the Gold TEMPO SIGNS Three-Tempo Rock The Joy of Love (Plaisir d amour) BASS-CHORD ACCOMPANIMENTS Can-Can (Duet) DYNAMICS Castles in the Sand SIGNS OF SILENCE Mermaids Never Rest THE FOUR-STRING C CHORD When the Saints Go Marching In TIES The Sidewalks of New York O Happy Day MORE BASS-CHORD ACCOMPANIMENTS Cielito Lindo EIGHTH NOTES Imagine Eighth Notes Flower Drill SHARPS, FLATS, AND NATURALS The Chromatic Scale Chromatic Hopscotch TH

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  • FORMAT: Book & DVD

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Bill M. says:

Just another guitar book, only with flower doodles on the margins. Don’t be fooled. Imagine if you saw a book called “Men’s Crochet Method”, with Freddy Kruger on the front cover, wearing his infamous knitted sweater. Flipping through the pages, you then realize that this is just another how-to-crochet book, identical to any other one on the market. The only difference is that there are little doodles of footballs, fishing poles, and barbed wire on the margins.Sound ridiculous? Maybe even misleading? Well, “Girl’s Guitar Method” is built on the same sort of…

S. Mathews says:

Good starter book for guitar lessons

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