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Girl’s Guitar Method, Bk 1: Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Guitar!, Book & Enhanced CD


Finally — the first guitar method written especially for girls! Thousands of girls all over the world are raving about this revolutionary method’s fresh and energetic approach with a style and design that addresses the interests of young women today. Teaching from a girl’s perspective, this solid method promises a sure start down a lifelong path of musical enjoyment and all the heightened self-esteem that comes with learning to play an instrument. 48 pages.

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  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Paul Vetter says:

Lighten UP! The critics of this book/CD are a little over the top in my opinion. My 8-year-old daughter has enjoyed this book and has gotten a good start on guitar. I’m a guitarist and guitar teacher, so I’m familiar with similar books for this age range. Most are pretty much the same. I like the mix of original rock-oriented tunes and traditionals, which is a little different than some. The combination of single-string melody and strumming is handled well. The girl-oriented graphics are more…

Avalon says:

An awesome introduction I loved this book. I have tried teaching myself guitar from books before and had no success. This book is so simple and clear. If you have never played before, you can pick up this book and a guitar and learn enough to play simple songs.My neice and I have worked our way through this book. I am almost finished and she is about halfway through. We started in August and I can now play most simple songs, Happy birthday, Twinkle twinkle, basic Christmas carols, anything simple I can find…

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