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Gibson Gear SEG-SA10 Coated Nickel Electric Guitar Strings, Light


Gibson Special Alloy Humbucker Electric Strings .010-.046

Product Features

  • Vacuum sealed packaging keeps strings fresh
  • Optimized for humbucker equipped guitars
  • Unique Magnetic Formulation

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Dyers_Eve says:

Fantastic Sounding Strings ! I was extremely unhappy with the factory strings on my brand new epiphone Ebony Les Paul. Purchased these locked off the strings at the tuning peg one at a time and tuned the guitar.Booming clarity and definition came out of my amp. I hit a cowboy E chord and the strings sang thru the humbuckers. Kicked on the distortion pedal and you could hear every note with clarity it didn’t sound muddy or swampy a few chord progressions and i was stunned at how good my guitar sounded. You would think…

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