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GHS Strings GB-DGF David Gilmour Signature Series, Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings (.010-.048)


David Gilmour’s connection with GHS Boomers series goes back to 1979, when he started using them on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” project. He uses gauges 010-012-016-028-038-048 on his Fender Stratocaster and gauges 010 1/2-013-017-030-040-050 on his Gibson Les Paul . Decide for yourself which is right for you!

From 1964 to now, the GHS Boomers series has been the flagship set of GHS Strings. Used by musicians in every genre, the Boomers have shown to stand up to any playing style. Now known as “The Power String”, GHS Boomers continue to make their mark on music across the world. The roundwound guitar set is made with Nickel-Plated steel wrapped tightly around a round core wire. The combination provides the string with its bright characteristic and long-lasting tone.

Introducing our brand new NitroPack singles! Each single string is sealed in a nitrogen environment, eliminating all oxygen, in a tear-resistant package. Whether you use one string or the whole set, the NitroPack guarantees straight from the factory freshness!


GHS Strings are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility using precision equipment and only the purest of materials. The air-tight Fresh Pack locks in factory freshness that endures the test of time and locks out corrosion. When you buy GHS strings you get quality, consistency, lasting intonation and superbly harmonious sound!

GHS Strings – The String Specialists since 1964.

GB-DGF Set (Blue): 010-012-016-DY28-DY38-DY48

Product Features

  • Model: GB-DGF
  • Featuring NitroPack singles, guaranteed fresh from the factory!
  • Custom Gauges featuring Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Boomers, Used Since “The Wall”
  • Offers a brilliant tone and powerful attack, THE POWER STRING.
  • Signature Gauges (Blue): 010-012-016-028-038-048

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jake says:

The lighter gauge on the b and g strings allow you to do those nice bends without ripping your fingertips off Custom gauge strings: (10-12-16-28-38-48)… The b and g strings are a lighter gauge, and the D, A and E strings are a heavier gauge string, compared to a standard set of 10’s such as the Slinky 10’s..The lighter gauge on the b and g strings allow you to do those nice bends without ripping your fingertips off, or offsetting your tremolo system all crazy like. They sound good too, The beefier strings sound great. My strings never last very long, and these seemed to keep their overall sound a bit…

Les Ismour says:

Great Strings – Unintelligent Packaging I’m not really a Gilmour fan (love Clapton and the 3 Kings though). I use these strings because the gauges make so much sense. Heavy enough on the E (1st) string and light enough on on the B that bending the E is still easy. I am now using these instead of the light top, heavy bottom that was my mainstay for decades. I would have given this set 5 stars but the packaging is so dumb. Unlike Dean Markley and Ernie Ball who use the environmentally sealed packaging, these GHS strings come in an old…

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