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Froggy Bottom Break Down Video Lesson


By: Jon Mulvey

Foggy Bottom Break Down is an etude from a few years back.  I wrote it for my students to help develop left hand strength and independence.

The discipline is maintaining the bass line on strings 5 and 6.  Including double stops, rapid changes between finger groupings, and some decent stretches too.

Against the delicate and light touch needed to make the natural harmonics ring out on strings 4, 3, 2, (string 1 makes a cameo appearance as well).

The right hand thumb keeps the bass rolling while the index, middle, and ring fingers (I, m, and a) take care of the harmonics.

It’s a real challenge to get them all.  Go slow, and make sure the bass is solid and even, then start to build up speed.

Good luck and let me know how you do in the comments section below.

Click to view the TAB for Froggy Bottom Break Down.


Froggy Bottom Break Down Video Lesson

Click here to view the embedded video.


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