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First Act Discovery Purple Cheetah Acoustic Guitar, FG3715


Sing and strum with this First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar! This acoustic guitar has great tone, comfort and playability with low string action which means easy playing for beginners. Comes with patented string post covers to protect little fingers.

Product Features

  • First Act Discovery Purple Cheetah Acoustic Guitar
  • Classic body shape
  • Steel string acoustic guitar sized for children
  • Thin frets and low string action for easy playing
  • Learn-A-Cord cards and protective string post covers indicating string names included

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John Norby says:

The Best Inexpensive Entry Guitar For A Kid I have put together a guitar program for kids k-5. We have 45 guitars of all sizes of cheap makes and have been at it for a few years. This particular model of First Act guitar is one of the most popular guitars with the kids because of its size and tone. It comes with steel strings which need to be changed to nylon for little fingers. For $30 plus a set of nylons you have set a kid up. Once they get bigger you can help get them another more appropriate guitar and you can play this…

Suzanne Sniffen says:

You get what you pay for This is a $30 guitar. A good traveling guitar for an adult which is the same size costs about $300 at Guitar Center. This is a kids guitar. A guitar that you don’t have to worry about getting beaten up (because it only cost $30). It is a guitar for children to learn how to strum on and start experimenting on. My husband has been playing for years and I was surprised when he said the covers on on the pegs at the top were a smart idea for kids. I believe they are intended to hold the…

mircrez says:

BUY THIS GUITAR My son has the FG127 plus two other First Act Guitars. We have had no problems. These guitars as all stringed instruments placed in the hands of incompetent cretins will not provide any satisfaction.1. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD RUN THROUGH DOORWAYS WITH THIS GUITAR2. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD STAND OR SIT ON THIS GUITAR3. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD MANIPULATE THE TUNING MACHINES (ALMOST ALL THE DAMAGE I SEE ON THESE GUITARS COMES FROM WAY OVER TIGHTENING THE…

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