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Fender Player Telecaster Electric Guitar – Maple Fingerboard – Tidepool


Bold, innovative and rugged, the Player Telecaster is pure Fender, through and through. The feel, the style and, most importantly, the sound, they’re all there, waiting for you to make them whisper or wail for your music. Versatile enough to handle almost anything you can create and durable enough to survive any gig, this workhorse is a trusty sidekick for your musical vision.

Product Features

  • Alder Body with gloss finish
  • Two player Series single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • Modern C”-Shaped neck profile
  • 9.5″-Radius Fingerboard
  • String-through-body Bridge with bent-steel saddles

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Anonymous says:

Beautiful Sound and Looks! Love this guitar! I compared this MIM to an American one in GC, and was sold not only by it’s classy looks, but by it’s playability.Both guitars were visually appealing and both sounded great. They both have the same body. The hardware and pickups on the American are upgraded, but the ones on the this guitar are still pretty good quality and they have improved the pickups from last years MIM, which I believe was called Standard series instead of Player series. The biggest…

Anonymous says:

Good guitar with two major flaws This product looks great and plays well. However, there are two significant issues with this guitar that, considering its price, warrant two stars. First, the guitar was designed in a manner which makes restringing nigh-impossible. The holes which the strings run through collide with the screws in the saddle/bridge meaning you have to have a surgeon’s hands to successfully get any new strings through. As an alternative, you can fiddle with the saddle pieces, but that throws off the string…

Anonymous says:

Hum and electrical issues The guitar is great just like a tele should be, a real player. This low rating is due to a very loud electrical hum (audible while playing through an amp and recording). This type of pickup (single coil) is known to be noisy, but this was over the top noise! When you touch the metal of the guitar it would “click” through the amp a sure sign of an electrical problem. Probably a ground wire to break loose under the bridge. Next time I will go to a music shop to purchase a guitar to avoid the…

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