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Fender Grip Hand Exerciser, Medium Tension


Designed with the assistance of Certified Hand Therapists, The Grip is one of the most advanced hand and finger exercisers available. Use one finger at a time, in pairs or all fingers simultaneously. The ergonomically designed tips keep your fingers in place during exercise and help create stronger hands and faster fingers.

Product Features

  • Strengthen and focus on individual fingers
  • Improve needed dexterity important to playing any instrument
  • Great for warming up fingers and hands before activity
  • Maximum comfort thanks to ergonomically designed tips
  • Peace of mind with a 1 year warranty

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Doug Lada says:

Excellent finger exerciser! I am a bass player who has been looking for an exerciser to help me loosen up before I play. I have finally found a product that works great!! The Fender Grip is very comfortable to use and allows me to work out my entire hand or individual fingers. I also play tenor sax and I see an advantage to using this exerciser during my warm up routine before I start playing the sax as well. I am very pleased with this purchase and plan on buying some as gifts for my fellow musicians. I will…

Greg Monroe Williams says:

Fantastic for building individual finger strength

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