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Fender California Clear Guitar Picks 12-Pack – Surf Green – Medium


Dude, like, seriously, you are so the boss of the beach when you use Fender California Clear 351 guitar picks. With its wider body and rounded tip, our famous 351 shape is, like, the pick shape most associated with Fender. Available in thin, medium and heavy, of course, and in more cool colors than you can shake a palm frond at…

Product Features

  • Cool, Clear and Colorful
  • 351 Shape,Medium

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Christopher A. Dowling "tintinet" says:

Beautiful, Terrific Sound and Feel! 0

Brian S. Nelson says:

Nice sound a bit soft I bought the mediums and I really like the sound they produce on my electric (using 9’s or 10’s). I read the comments saying how they broke but I bought them anyhow because I liked the colors and style. I have always had good results with Fender picks (and other products).The picks did grind down a bit but they did not actually break. I just kept changing sides as it wore down. I think that “softness” is a large part of the nice sound. I was strummning a little enthusiastically just to…

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