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Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb 22-Watt 1×12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp


The 22-watt ’65 Deluxe Reverb® amp is for rock, country or blues players who want a moderately powered amp they can crank up at the gig or in the studio. The full, snappy guitar tones heard on many famous recordings from Memphis to Abbey Road were made using the Deluxe™ amp. Features include dual 6V6 Groove Tubes® output tubes, one 5AR4 rectifier tube, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 12AT7 tubes, one 12” 8-ohm Jensen® C-12K speaker, dual channels (normal and vibrato), tube-driven Fender® reverb, tube vibrato, two-button footswitch for reverb and vibrato on-off, black textured vinyl covering and silver grille cloth.

Product Features

  • 22 watts of pure, clean power compresses and overdrives so sweetly when cranked up!
  • One 12″ 8-ohm Jensen C-12K speakers offer incredible clarity and note separation.
  • All-tube Fender reverb and vibrato offers special ambience and a legendary array of tones.

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VinC710 says:

Pure Fender Tone Heaven I bought this to go along side of my Vox AC30 head. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Fender on the clean side but what I wasn’t expecting was the size of the ball$ that this thing had when pumped through a 4×12. Add a tube screamer and you’re in Fender tone Heaven. Everything is beautiful with this head from the verb and tremolo to the blackface aesthetic. I was debating between this or the X2 for that Fender sound. In the end, I knew that a pure tube head was the way to go. If you’re…

Russ says:

Wonderful Amp. This is a wonderful amp. I was planning on getting a Marshall 50w head with a 2×12 combo, but I happened to plug into this amp at a guitar store and it changed my mind. This amp has a great beefy tone, yet still does wonderful when playing delicate and clean. It gets VERY loud, as loud as you’ll ever need.The two independent channel are great, too. The left side channel has a “Bassman” sound and the right side inputs are the main 68 Deluxe Reverb sound. I like the fact…

jm_buddy says:

Better then the ’65 Shame to see so many negative reviews about the ’68 Princeton Reverb. I can’t blame anyone who purchased this amp and had problems (bad reverb, rattling, buzzing, etc), but mine has no issues at all. No rattling, no buzzing, everything works great and the build quality is top notch.Most importantly, I think this amp sounds incredible. Yes, it is darker than the ’65 Reissue (I own both), but it is also much fuller sounding with more low end and more mids. Going back and forth, the…

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