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Fender 355 Sharp Triangle Shell Guitar Picks – 12-Pack – Medium


Experience the classic feel of Fender no matter what guitar or bass you play. Fender picks provide comfort and high-performance flexibility for every performer, with a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit the playing styles and preferences of every guitarist. Celluloid is a premier pick material and the cornerstone of the Fender pick collection for decades. Celulloid picks give the traditional feel and a warm, round musical tone. Fender’s large triangle pick, the 355, provides three sides for picking and the largest body of any Fender pick. If you want a large pick to hold on to, this is the one for you.

Product Features

  • Extra wide 355 shape provides additional surface area to grip and multiple picking sides
  • Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone
  • Medium gauge picks are ideal for the player looking for a warmer tone of a heavy pick, but the flexibility of a thin pick.
  • Fender picks provide comfort and high-performance flexibility for every performer
  • Sold as a convenient 12-pack

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Fred Worth says:

Nice Picks – Prompt Vendor I was introduced to triangular picks by a fellow in our jamming circle. He gave me 2 of the THIN picks and I immediately appreciated them. I do a flat picking technique which I find that I do better with a larger pick. I have found several larger picks but these are the largest. I am able to keep the pick where we are taught for flat pickin’ (hard to describe that). I also find that when I am just doing rythm I can move the pick all around in my fingers between strums to make the strumming…

VirgilX says:

Can’t go back I first tried these “Dorito” picks a long time ago, and never went back to “normal” picks. They seem to make playing easier and more precise. There also is an advantage in that you can easily angle the attack against the strings for really fast picking, or straight on for deliberate and precise notes. Also, if you break off a point mid-song, you have two more points ready to go without missing a beat. It’s hard to find the Heavy version in stores, but these are worth seeking out. If you still…

Terry N Kolemaine says:

A long search rewarded! At last! 0

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