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Falling In Reverse – “Just Like You” All Guitar Solos Cover

1. Chemical Prisoner 2. God, If You Are Above Me 3. Sexy Drug 4. Just Like You 5: Guillotine IV 6. Stay Away 7. Wait And See 8. The Bitter End 9. My Heart’s …

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Edtrin Anthony says:

nice, can u do all the solos for escape the fate. :)

jonnywiggs says:

Yeah that was pretty awesome. Jacky’s solos are pretty crazy too, nice job

swanny3214 says:

Still waiting for tabs to come out for this album :(

Jaiden Cortese says:

Can you do a “just like you” solo tutorial

eduardo Skalant says:

Gran trabajo bro! saludos desde Argentina tocas genial!

blackknightkanos says:

I love this album. Some of those solos were so prog.

Culkiv Licarte says:

and that’s what you call “holy shit. that’s awesome”

Shay Madar says:

nice cover,but you got some bullshits in some solos…

WoozyPictures says:

DUDE THAT WAS MAD!! Are you gonna do tabs???

Stephen Schmitz says:

beat me to it .. damn but this is sick tho !!!


We get it!!! you are better than everyone.

kducoc says:

Cover Almah songs !!!

ashleeisadumbbitch says:


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