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Epiphone Pro-1 Plus EAPPNACH1-15 Acoustic Guitar, for Beginners, Natural Finish


The Epiphone PRO-1 acoustic guitar collection is designed by professionals to be EASY TO PLAY! Decades in the making, all “PRO-1″ guitars have features that make them a joy to play.

Product Features

  • Less fatigue. Wrap your hand around the PRO-1 Ultra neck and you’ll immediately feel how comfortable it is. Our new EZ-Profile™ neck is designed so your hand can easily form chords without feeling fatigued.
  • Effortless Fretting. Epiphone JumboPRO™ frets make fretting notes and chords seem effortless. JumboPRO™ frets are taller and wider than smaller frets. So, when you push down a string, it’s easier to make string contact with the fret with less hand fatigue and finger friction
  • Extra Light Strings makes this guitar easy and fun to play. The guitar also includes award winning eMedia online lessons as well as a humidifier to help take care of your new guitar.

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Brad @ guitars says:

It’s ok! I just received this guitar after already returning the pro-1 ultra. I had to give it another chance for the price. The plus series made a big difference. The sound is much better, the intonation seems to be spot on, the build quality was flawless. I had to raise the action just a hair and I’m not sure what the factory strings are although they do appear to be coated, they seem really thin. My guess is like a .10-.47 but not sure. I look forward to trying different strings. The sound is much…

Poppanick2 says:

Nice Starter Guitar

Jenna L Hasskarl says:

Not electric!

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