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Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Custom Silver Burst


You don’t have to mortgage the house to get a smokin’ Les Paul! And it’s got something special — a brilliant silverburst finish set off by chrome hardware With the same vaunted visual vibe of the original, this Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul has all the fixin’s”5-ply binding on top, back, and headstock; bound rosewood fretboard; split diamond mother-of-pearl headstock inlay; and 4-ply pickguard. And it’s got something special”a brilliant silverburst finish set off by chrome hardware. Dual humbuckers on an alder top with mahogany back and set neck.

Product Features

  • Carved Alder Top
  • Two Volume & Two Tone Controls
  • 3-Way Pickup Switching

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pattygadget says:

Friggin’ Georgeous. Updated Review:I bought this guitar, first and foremost, because I am a huge Tool fan and I love the look of of Adam’s Gibson Silverburst. Secondly, I love the look, feel and sound of the Les Paul Studio (although technically this is a Les Paul Custom, but its still a Studio design). Also I very much prefer the tone switch to be in the location it is on LP studios.That being said, You should know that this guitar is among the higher end Epiphone LPs. I also own another…

Anonymous says:

I have own plenty of guitars in my 16 years of playing, even an Ibanez Universe 7-string, and this is by far my favorite guitar of all of them. I would have to say its about as close to a Gibson Les Paul as you could get without forking over a couple G’s. I’ve had 2 different Epi Les Paul Standards and a Special II, but the quality and feel of the Custom Silverburst is by far in another league from those. I’ve even had a Gibson LP before and if you played them both with your eyes closed you…

Anonymous says:

Sure it sounds great, but come on, just look at it. It’s GORGEOUS.No major defects, but mine desperately needed to be set up after it arrived, so take the cost of a setup into consideration when buying online. The action and intonation were way off, the nut needed to be filed down and waxed, there was a loose wire in the output jack causing shorts, and the bridge pickup needed to be raised. Another reviewer noted that it’s very easy to bend the strings out of pitch while playing,…

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