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Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherry Sunburst


Epiphone presents the new Les Paul Studio LT, an incredible introduction to the world’s greatest electric guitar that is affordable for everyone. The Les Paul Studio LT has all the classic “Les Paul” features including a carved Mahogany top, powerful Zebra-Coil Ceramic humbuckers, and a Mahogany neck with an easy-to-play tapered neck joint. Available in Ebony, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Vintage Sunburst, and Walnut color finishes.

Product Features

  • Classic Les Paul with Carved Top
  • Powerful Zebra-Coil Ceramic Humbuckers
  • Tapered neck joint for easy upper fret access
  • Mahogany Body & Neck

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Anonymous says:

The headstock began twisting shortly after purchase. I bought this guitar with the game “Rocksmith 2014″ and loved the guitar until I began failing the mini-games from E & A string notes near the headstock being “heard” wrong by the game.At first I thought it was a problem with the game and not the guitar, but when I plugged in a friend’s guitar and those notes were heard correctly I began to search a bit more intently. Eventually I realized that E and A were perfectly tuned when open, but _really_ sharp up until the…

Anonymous says:

Epiphone ENPTWLNH1 Les Paul style, bolt-on neck. The body is a laminate. The top is carved mahogany, but is only a cap. Same with the back, it’s a mahogany cap. The core looks like bass wood. The walnut stain is good. The neck on mine has great figured grain. The pickups are really noisy, they don’t seem to be wired correctly but I haven’t got into it yet. I took the back cover off to see one of the pickup wires connected with the volume pot using plain old tape. So, I expect to do some rewiring, but all electronics work. Plays okay. I paid…

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