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Elixir NanoWeb Acoustic Guitar Strings – Light Medium


Prolong your tone with the same acoustic guitar strings that experienced players worldwide trust to keep their incredible tone longer than any other string available. Unlike other string brands, Elixir Strings coats the whole string. This protects not only the outer string surface but also the gaps between the windings where common tone-deadening gunk typically builds up in other brands’ coated and uncoated guitar strings. Anti-Rust Plating on plain steel strings ensures longer tone life for the entire set. Who wouldn’t love more quality playing time between the hassle and cost of string changes? Premium by design, these acoustic strings constructed with 80/20 (80% copper, 20% zinc) bronze wrap wire boast a crisp, bright tone with an expressive, vibrant presence. Compared to our original POLYWEB Coating, the ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating allows a more traditionally textured, “uncoated” feel. For a slicker, gentler feel, try the original POLYWEB Coating on our 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings, which also feature a more robust and rounded tone. For more of a balance between bold and bright, our Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings with NANOWEB Coating deliver full-bodied tone and sparkling high-end clarity alongside the same traditional feel as these 80/20 bronze strings. Of course, the kind of string you play is all a matter of personal preference. Not sure what tone or feel is right for you? Try them out for yourself, and find your new favorite string from Elixir Strings. For a more in-depth look at what makes our strings so special, scroll to the branded info further down the page. Elixir Strings: Great tone. Long life.

Product Features

  • Acoustic guitar strings constructed with 80/20 (80% copper, 20% zinc) bronze wrap wire
  • Played for a crisp, bright tone with an expressive, vibrant presence
  • Ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating provides a more traditionally textured, “uncoated” feel
  • Our patented coating technology protects against common corrosion, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings (Elixir Strings player survey)
  • Light/Medium gauge: .012 .016 .024 .035 .045 .056

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alex says:

Love the sound! I absolutely love the sound of these strings. Been playing for about a year fingerstyle acoustic and these sound the best by far. They offer a bright almost whiny tone, very loud and vibrant, easy to hammer on/pull off. Subtle movements on the fret board can be heard that many other strings can’t replicate. Up until now my favorite have been D’Addario coated philosopher bronze which are amazing also, but the sound with the elixer is unmatched. My only criticism is one of the strings coating…

DC says:

Great strings, but 3 bad sets in a row These are generally my favorite strings, but I’ve gotten 3 sets from here that are defective or fake. I’m not sure if it’s just bad stock right now. I’ve ordered these many times in the past and only started seeing the bad ones around January 2015. I alerted Amazon after the second bad set and they briefly stopped selling them while they investigated.I hesitated to order again, but decided with the recent good reviews that maybe the issues had been resolvedIf you’re…

DaPoppa1 says:

Ok I am a believer…First time user Love them My new favorites Ok I am a believer…I have been using another top brand string on a 50 year old humming bird, and I thought that it sounded pretty good. Long story short, my strings were dead, and needed to change in a hurry, all that we had left in the bag were the Elixir strings so with no other choice I switched, gigged on and fell in love with these.Much better that the OEM strings that I have been using for ever and a day. So I am not going backThese strings are sweet, bright, great…

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