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Electric Guitar Gear: A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Guitar Effects And The Gear Used For Electric Guitar Playing & How To Master Your Tone on Guitar (Guitar Mastery) (Volume 3)


Electric Guitar Gear – Understand Electric Guitar Gear Learn How To Master Your Tone On Guitar
Have you ever struggled with understanding all the electric guitar gear that exists today?

This book will help you to master the tone of your instrument! Download it now for only $2.99!

It can be very daunting for any guitarist entering the electric guitar world for the first time to really know how the tone works, and how the sound of their instrument can be manipulated by using all the different gear that exists.

Rather than wasting money and spending years of research trying to comprehend how all this works, with the help of this great guide you will in short-time learn:

The most important things about guitar amps – what they do, what are the different types, how they work, what they’re good for, what are their pro’s and con’s; so that from this point on you will understand guitar amplifiers and be able to choose the best one for your playing needs.You will learn what are the different amp settings for controlling your tone, what do they do and how they’re used; this will allow you to dial in your tone by learning how to use amp’s tone control settings.You will finally understand everything about external effects and how can they be achieved by using equipment such as guitar pedals or stomp boxes. You will know how different effects shape your tone thus allowing you to make your sound more expressive and unique.You will learn how to control the sound on the guitar itself by using different pickup positions and volume and tone controls.And much more…>> Download this book today for only $2.99!

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