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Dunlop BlackStringwinder (100 SI)


Dunlop Stringwinder

Product Features

  • Replace your strings in seconds with this classic winder.
  • The notched head removes bridge pins quickly and safely.
  • Durable black plastic.

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Ryan D says:

Poor construction 0

Gary M says:

This peg winder has changed my life. It’s the … This peg winder has changed my life. It’s the essence of ergonomics, functions smoothly and the color is fabulous. It doesn’t come with batteries or a chord but for the price that’s ok. Its such a timesaver. I’ll save countless hours for the rest of my life not winding by hand. It’s a little pricy at $1.98 but I’m tired of winders that won’t wind or get lost. I’m going to order more and give them as Christmas gifts.Now I’m on to reviewing my shoe horn purchase, so be on the lookout for…

SilverRay says:

Very good 0

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