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Dunlop 488P.60 Tortex Pitch Black.60mm, 12/Player’s Pack


The pick used by top musicians worldwide. Tortex picks are carefully designed and manufactured to give the characteristic maximum memory and minimum wear that made original tortoise shell famous. .60mm – Black 12 Picks Per Player’s Pack

Product Features

  • Gauges (mm): .50, .60, .73, .88, 1.0, 1.14mm
  • Maximum memory, minimum wear
  • The same great Tortex playability and tone but in a cool matte black color

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Adam France says:

Stays put no matter how slippery my fingers get I’m by no means a professional guitarist, but even at 44 I still like to immaturely act as if I am when I play in my living room. Bouncing around, spinning, getting really into it. But don’t worry boys and girls, only when I’m alone. This spectacle causes my fingers to sweat and because of this holding a pick becomes difficult. I must have tried a thousand picks over the years, but the Tortex is the best pick I’ve ever used. Great pick attack, perfect bend at .73 and stays put in my fingers no…

A. Bermudez says:

Not a Keeper

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