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Dunlop 462P.50 Tortex TIII, Red.50mm, 12/Player’s Pack


Awesome fusion of two great picks. The Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack is a natural evolution that was guided by the demands of players, and in Dunlop’s effort to create the most effective tools in the industry, they are proud to introduce this awesome fusion of two great picks.

Product Features

  • Tone and feel of Tortex
  • Speed and precision of Jazz III
  • Available in standard Tortex gauges

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Gustav says:

I love the feel of these picks, and think that I make good contact with the strings. These are the only picks that I use at this point. If I pick up a different pick, I immediately notice the difference and go looking for one of these.I love the feel of these picks, and think that I make good contact with the strings. They are solid enough, without being bulky or awkward. They are just grippy enough, and a useful shape for a range of styles. I use them for both acoustic and electric guitar work. They never let me down.My daughter has started using…

Davey says:

Bought them by accident… Best mistake I ever made! Regular Tortex .88’s are my go-to pick which I have been using exclusively, obsessively even, for a long time. I love the grip of the material, it’s slightly satiny and stays put well, unlike glossy picks, even with grips molded into them (which I don’t like).I’ve used Jazz III’s before (briefly) and I did like the sharper tip, but found them too small and the plastic too slippery. If you like Tortex for the grippy material and size give these a try, the Jazz III tip shape is great…

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