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DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Humbucker Pickup – Black


This pickup started a sound revolution. Replacement pickups simply didn’t exist before the invention of the Super Distortion® in the early Seventies. The Super Distortion (and its original 3-conductor version, the Dual Sound®) was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a tube amp into total overdrive, and is still the standard by which all other high-output pickups are measured. The Super Distortion has a perfect blend of power and tone: both single-notes and chords jump out of the amp and fill the room (or the track) with a wall of sound. The balance of tones is classic – thick, boosted mids, big lows and fat highs. This is the sound you’ve heard for over three decades on platinum records, from players as varied as Ace Frehley, Al Di Meola, and Paul Gilbert. It’s also versatile: 4-conductor wiring allows instant access to Strat®-like split and series-parallel modes. Discover what thousands of great players know: the Super Distortion is the best all ’round high-power pickup ever made. The Super Distortion is primarily a bridge position pickup, although it can be used in the neck position with a relatively low-gain amp. Specifically designed for solid-bodies: hollow and semi-hollow guitars can be hard to control with warm, high output pickups. When DiMarzio first built the Super Distortion, it was a 1-conductor pickup. As a 4-conductor pickup, it’s extremely versatile. Coil-splitting produces a very Strat-like option, both in tone and power. Parallel wiring is similar to splitting, but it’s still humbucking and a little more hollow-sounding; Paul Gilbert used to use two Super Distortion pickups wired in parallel when he was in Racer X. Output: 425mv; DC Resistance: 13.68k; Magnet: Ceramic; Wire: 4 Conductor; String spacing: Standard, 1.915″;

Product Features

  • DP100 Super Distortion Bridge Pickup
  • Black with Chrome Pole Pieces
  • High Output Humbucker, Ceramic Magnet
  • Four Conductor Wire
  • Standard String Spacing: 1.915″

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Rick Devore says:

A super pickup for hard rock, metal and other creative endeavors I’m writing reviews on various pickups that I have used over the years. The DiMarzio DP-100 Super Distortion pickup is legendary. It was one of the very first replacement pickups ever made. Hard rock guitarists in the ’70s who couldn’t get enough gain from the humbucking pickups in their Les Pauls and SGs (imagine that) started installing the Super Distortion to get super crunch and sustain for searing sustaining solos and slamming power chords. I put one in my Ibanez guitar and it blew away…

Silicon Valley VP says:

which wasn’t bad at all I put this bridge pickup on a SSH configured Squire Strat. It’s plenty bright but with a lot of depth. True lawn mower grind but with the dry detail of no distortion and the same time. Interesting One other notable attribute was the way the pickup either creates of picks up harmonics and tones that were not present with the previous Squire pickup, which wasn’t bad at all. This DiMarzio SDH bridge pickup was worth every cent. I may experiment with extending the “South” or bridge side…

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