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David Gilmour tribute on Spanish/electric guitars

My tribute to David Gilmour using Digitech Loop Station. Starts using Spanish guitar and ends with Fender Stratocaster. Hope you enjoy!

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djcrx88 says:

That’s awesome ! I could listen to it again and again ! 

axl vargas says:

Simple but awesome!!

Alex Gevi says:

Really like the sound on the classic/spanish guitar. Is it known brand /
model? I have a normal (not expensive) spanish guitar and sounds pretty
good recorded through an external condenser mic and preamp but really wanna
try a spanish “electro” guitar with internal mic like yours. Does it sound
similar when connected as when played acoustically without connection?

acasey1612 says:

I effin LOVE YOU… :-) 

Rory Kermack says:


liquidmuzic says:

@ccoastrider California? That sounds great! Thanks for your comment

The Nrajgn says:

Knopfler strat sound !!! I love It

liquidmuzic says:

@zerobertoballestra obrigado!!

Rozq says:

wow you are superb!! keep on rocking :))

zerobertoballestra says:

Fiquei muito feliz de ver esse seu som tão limpo. Bravo!!!! abraços

liquidmuzic says:

@Rozq87 Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the video!

ccoastrider says:

I think your muzic is the best! When can u come to California??

Tom Jerrard says:


John Gilliat says:

Very nice :-)

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