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David Gilmour Top 10 Guitar Solos

David Gilmour’s Top 10 best guitar solos (in my opinion of course) I understand some people will disagree with my song choice. If you do keep your comments t…

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Timothée Guérette says:

I think comfortably numb complete solo is actually the best solo ever made,
followed by stairway to heaven

Enrique Sponch says:

Have You Heard “On An Island”? The Solo Of That Song It’s Just Wonderfull,
And Of Course It’s From David Gillmour

PrehistoricBeasts says:


Paul Gilland says:

Pig three diff is my my all time fav

HeavyD2544 says:

I agree with you.

DrunkElk CZ says:

Actually.. High Hopes is the best solo… ever. For me

elisah62 says:


Heckscher–Ohlin–Samuelson says:

are u mad ? high hopes on 8 why :(

Juan Sebastián Pizarro says:

I’m also a DT fan, I love the band, all their albums and their
performances. Petrucci is a fucking good guitarist, he have AMAZING solos.
But I must admit that he have only a few that are worth listening to over
and over again. He lacks a little “feeling” in his solos. I don’t know,
it’s just my opinion.

z0mb13k1ll1ng says:

good list but are think comfortably numb are better than time

GrouRocks says:

Wheres Brother Where You Bound? Dave played it on Supertramps album of the
same name

rasmusrr97 says:

PIGS!!! bring me beacon.

justdropem says:

harrison? hendrix? clapton? richards cant compare anyone of them there all
the best on there own clouds

HailFireAndIce says:

Echoes solo at 18 minutes in the song is mind blowing, should have been
here. lol oh well. Comfortably Numb is definently one of, if not, the best
guitar solo ever.

engie bengie says:

All of these guitar solos are amazing, its so hard to decide which one is
the best

kreatos182 says:

comfortably numb is not only the best Gilmour solo is even the best guitar
solo of whole world!!!!

cschuck320 says:

How someone doesn’t put Comfortably Numb as the number one solo is beyond
me. However. These are his top ten solos no doubt.

Juan Sebastián Pizarro says:

Many of the lists I have seen doesn’t include Have a Cigar. I mean,
seriously, that solo is fucking amazing and one of my favorites. It’s so

xXxDriftingCowboyxXx says:

what the first solo thats not listed? Very nice

Flipping Floyd says:

Great video though I must disagree of your ordering

BackRowRacing98 says:

It’s a little too hard to say which is best. Pretty much all of his solos
stick out in my opinion.

Clayton Westing says:

Where’s Echoes? That’s my favorite solo of his

Floyd Blues says:

Happy Birthday lord Gilmour… The best guitarist ever!!!

Gabriel Rolim says:

Grande Playlist. The Best …

Gabriel Rolim says:

Grande Playlist. The Best …

TheFloydios says:

you mean legend

oscar castillo says:


georgio tzop says:

HAVE A CIGAR?????????????

deadloss000 says:

I would have preferred it, if you put up the complete tracks.

Follix1 says:

Sorrow live version is a sure top 5 for me.

phil wilson says:

Agree. Been that way for years

Greg Hawthorne says:

I agree with them all but iwould have done top15 solos so i could add
Sorrow and Dogs of War and Run Like Hell….. :)

kswilson89 says:

I love the pigs solo, i still dont know what he does between 4:45 and 4:47!

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